Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X

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Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X

Topic: Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X
Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Summary

Audi E-Tron

Electric automobiles are rising in Australia, but they only make up a small market proportion. The most popular ones are high-performance SUVs, so the release to the market of Audi’s e-Tron S can blend both of these elements.

It’s one of the few entirely electric S models to be sold in Australia and is a sign of what’s coming from Audi’s brand. In a couple of months, we’ll see an RS electric-Tron GT debuting in the showrooms; it’s the initial Audi Sports hero model without an engine.

This e-Tron S has the characteristics of an SUV that is offered in wagon and Sportback versions will make it a desirable new model to the lineup.

Tesla Model X

Tesla – whether you like the brand or loathe it, the brand has been a huge help to the auto industry. It has made electric vehicles an issue of conversation, and something competitors are now adopting.

For me it’s the Tesla Model S sedan was the car that helped make Tesla onto the radar. But can model Model X – a large SUV that can hold up to seven seats, hit the right spot for families looking to buy?

I spent a week in the new Tesla Model X 75D, which happens to be the most affordable variant that’s Tesla’s US model’s cross-over. Affordable? That’s going to be dependent on your income.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Verdict

Audi E-Tron- 8.4/10

In terms of sporty SUVs are concerned, the e-Tron S is an excellent choice regardless of the engine. While it’s not as fast as cars, the etron S seems to easily keep pace against Audi’s similar S models like those of SQ7 and SQ8 when driving on a twisty mountain road.

When you consider its quiet, fast and reliable tri-motor motor, the e-Tron S is quite attractive. Although we didn’t have the time to test it in the city environment to test its performance in the real world, the ability to navigate some of the most challenging driving roads in the nation is what marks the etron S as an excellent upgrade to the Audi lineup.

Tesla Model X- 7.9/10

This Tesla Model X in 75D specifications offers plenty of features for those looking to take their well-groomed toes towards the electric-powered mobility pool. There are more moderate and appealing options for those who believe that plug-in hybrids are the ideal first step. If you’re not looking to buy a completely electric vehicle, we suggest you should take an examination of what else is available.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Design

Audi E-Tron- 9/10

As mentioned previously, it is the case that there are some distinct modifications to the look of the e-Tron S to distinguish it from the Tron that is already in use visually as well as in terms of performance.

The front is the first to be changed, which has the S front-facing bumper and grille blending in with the new wider wheel arches. They’ve added 23mm on both sides, increasing the visibility on the road of the e-Tron S and making it more spacious.

It also assists in circulating air under and through the vehicle. There are special vents located on the front bumper and wheel arches that increase the aerodynamics and improve performance and the range.

The bigger wheel arches accommodate larger alloy wheels of 21 inches (with 22-inch rims as an alternative). The rear of the wheels is brand new brake calipers painted in orange, a unique feature of the e-Tron S models.

On the rear, there’s an all-new S-specific bumper and a small roof-mounted spoiler designed to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Audi states that it has a drag coefficient that’s 0.26.

The changes result in the new model, which has an e-Tron-like look different from the thee-Tron. This is consistent with the other Audi S models.

The E-Tron S Sportback looks the sportier, more lively of the two with its sleek roofline. Audi believes it will become the most popular model within the range.

Tesla Model X

I am not too fond of it. I believe that the rear doors are sloppy and pretentious. I believe the roofline is incorrect. It is more like a fat hatchback rather than a real SUV’.

This is just my opinion as a person, and just like everyone else, I have the right to express my opinions. I’m sure some appreciate the exterior design that is Model X. If you’re among those, don’t hesitate to contact me – I have a fantastic optometrist whom I can refer to.

Though – The Falcon Wing rear doors are an overkill design. It’s not necessary to have the doors open in this manner. The level of compromise constructed into the design of the vehicle because of these doors is apparent as I couldn’t get the door to the rear from the driver’s side of my test car at home due to parked too close to the garbage bin the axis angle on the uppermost part of the door restricted the width to which the door could be opened. I cannot understand how bad this could be if your garage parking space were cramped.

Furthermore, this one (and those I’ve seen or sat in before) did not have the best quality, such as mismatched panel gaps in the doors and hatch. Look through our images to get a better idea.

The windscreen is massive and extends over the front passenger’s heads. It’s tinted to block out the sun’s rays over the head. Tesla has also added that the shield-like visor can be fitted. While it’s very much appreciated, it’s not as sturdy and simple to take down while changing the original (magnetized) solar visors.

As a piece of design glass, it’s great. However, other cars with large glass also have clever solutions built into them, such as the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, which has pull-down blinds and proper sunvisors.

It’s like a house with an architectural design that is impressive when you first see it but is difficult to accept. The sun visors are extremely thin, making it difficult to put them in the right position to block sunlight, particularly when driving in the easterly direction early in the morning (as my preference is) and in a westerly direction during the day (yep, it’s me!). Additionally, the visors do not include vanity mirrors, which is a nightmare for moving makeup artists.

Things I love? The LED headlights and daytime running lamps are extremely impressive, as are the wheels that come as standard are great, although they seem slightly skewed by the majority of the slab-sided high-rider.

If you’ve ever wondered why each Tesla Model X has its rear spoiler in its ‘up position at all times, It’s because it’s a fixed spoiler.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Practicality

Audi E-Tron- 8/10

In addition to the changes in design, The e-Tron S has the same as what you’ll find on the e-Tron Sportback and SUV Sportback, as Audi has been able to pack the larger rear motor setup without sacrificing any interior space.

In terms of style, Audi has deliberately kept thee-Tron in the larger range of models, meaning there are not many tricks to the presentation to alert you that you’re driving an electric car rather than a standard model.

Audi has always been a master of interior design, and the e-tron S is no different. It has a contemporary design and feels that it’s elegant and practical.

There’s plenty of room in the rear and front seats for passengers, and the SUV can seat four people comfortably. The Sportback’s roofline is sloping, which can lower rear headroom a bit, so you should consider that when you plan to take back passengers regularly.

Despite having a bigger rear motor, Audi has managed to maintain the same amount of storage space for the boot, and the SUV is capable of carrying up to 660 liters while Sportback can take 615 liters. Sportback 615 liters. It’s an additional practical compromise, and the Sportback is a more fashionable model.

Tesla Model X

There are good and negative aspects to interior design.

The access and egress onto the row in the middle are more efficient than other SUVs because the floor is low, making it easy to get into and out of – however, it’s also less than other SUVs due to the shape of the entrance is a bit odd.

The space in the third row should be reserved for small children or adults with limited headroom and legroom. There are vents behind, and the visibility for the occupants is limited. Seats are narrow, and if you’re a little, you’ll not be able to see much.

It could be more useful if Model X had electric sliding doors instead of the Falcon Wing doors. If you are parking in a cramped space and a sliding door lets the driver exit, these doors will not even fully open if the sensors discover they’re not able to. This is a problem because it is a huge car, and some parking areas are making parking spaces narrower and less.

But I’m not planning to be the winner of sliding doors vs. gullwing ones here, am I?

The boot space is spacious. With seven seats in the back, you can utilize the concealed compartment beneath the floor. And with five seats available, the cargo capacity is impressive as well. There’s also the front trunk without a motor, which means you have extra storage, and Tesla states that the total capacity for cargo in Model X is 2492 liters. Model X is 2492 liters for the five-seat version.

You can choose the five-seat, six-seat, or seven-seat variant of the Model X. The Model X used to have the ability to slide and fold second-row seats. However, it now has a push-button mechanism that still uses some electrical impulse to release the rails underneath the seats. Although it’s more efficient than electric, it’s not as easy as the lever you’d see on an automobile like the Mazda CX-9.

The space is adequate for people who sit outboard in the second row. I put the driver’s seat in my preferred position and was able to stretch my legs and headroom to feel comfortable in the 2nd row. However, anyone who was in the 3rd row could be squashed. The middle-row seat of the car we tested was not exactly amazing, with only a small headroom and a lack of space available.

Storage is well-organized in the front area and includes:

  • two large central bottle holders,
  • bottle holders at the doors to the side (none at the back, due to obvious reasons), and
  • two cup holders in the front.

The storage options are not great for those in the rear: there aren’t any cup receptacles in the second row. However, there are two USB ports. On the 3rd row, there is a cup holder, and two, in addition, all the three rows are equipped with air vents.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Prices and other features

Audi E-tron– 7/10

Audi has kept things simple, releasing an e-Tron S in only two versions: the SUV and Sportback.

The SUV costs $168.400, and the Sportback starts at $175,400 (both prices exclude road costs), that’s an increase of $19,500 and $15,500 compared to the e-Tron 55 Quattro SUV as well as the Sportback.

This also means that both vehicles have seen a rise in price after Audi’s initial announcement for the vehicle in 2021, the day it announced they’d price $165,600 (SUV) and $172,700 (Sportback).

Audi acknowledges that the price increase does not result from changes in specifications but is merely a result of the increased costs triggered by the supply chain crisis that is affecting the world.

Fortunately, both models are fully-equipped so that you get a good price for the money.

Some cosmetic upgrades we’ll discuss shortly (see the section on Design); however, all of the SUVs and Sportback are equipped with the 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheel, aluminum exterior finishes, and four-zone climate control. Ambient lighting, heated as well as the front seat, sunroof tinted glass, and Sport front seats trimmed in Valcona leather with diamond stitching.

Additionally, there’s a 12.3-inch touchscreen for the digital instruments and the increasingly popular double-touchscreen used by Audi to control the entire entertainment system and cooling. The system includes 10.1-inch screens and 8.6-inch screens.

A 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system, digital radio, and wireless charging for smartphones are included in the standard package.

In light of the supply chain issues, Audi has chosen to keep their options brief, offering only three choices for consumers.

The first one is the most obvious “Virtual Exterior Mirrors,” which are cameras mounted on supports made of aerodynamic material that have an OLED display that is mounted interior of the door to replace the side mirrors.

In contrast to the regular model that comes with cameras as part of the package, customers of the etron S can add them by themselves for $3500. Audi claims that the use of these revolutionary cameras is 44 percent across the entire e-Tron range.

Another option to consider is the ‘Sensory Pack, which costs $9600 and includes “Digital Matrix” LED headlights (available in the first instance for the Audi Australia model). Australia) as well as door entry LED lighting, soft close door locks, Nappa interior leather, leather-trimmed dashboard, and manual rear sunshades. Heated outboard seats in the rear.

If you’re looking for the fastest charging on your portable device, Audi is offering a 22kW AC charger at an additional price of $6900.

It’s interesting to note that the e-Tron S compares very closely to its petrol-powered counterpart, the SQ7 TFSI, priced at $164,400, while the SQ8 TFSI costs $169,600. Also, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount to switch to electricity.

Tesla Model X

What is the cost of the price of a Tesla Model X? It’s not cheap, that’s certain. However, this model is currently the cheapest version in the pricing range for SUVs.

The 75D price starts at $125,000, which includes the cost of road maintenance, which amounts to $142,475 to drive away. However, your location will affect the price of your drive away since the different states and territories have stamp-duty requirements for electric vehicles. ACT purchasers ($142,475 RRP) receive a more favorable dealer than those in WA ($151,174 RRP).

Pricing is significantly higher when you choose to buy the 100D with more power, which comes with a larger battery capacity (prices start at $173,805 and drive away), or the top-of-the-line P100D that we have tested recently (from $247,385). This is right that the Model X we have is over a hundred dollars less expensive than the most expensive model.

Model X Model X comes pretty well with a factory-installed feature set and comes equipped with the 17.0-inch touchscreen media display that includes Google Maps sat-nav with real-time updates on traffic conditions, Bluetooth phone, and audio streaming as digital DAB radio, and integrated TuneIn application connectivity. The Model X doesn’t support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, however.

Other standard features include keyless entry, an auto-opening (and closing automatically) driver’s door, and an electric tailgate. Illumination for the inside, an air suspension with adjustable ride height, auto headlights with auto high beam lights, LED fog lights, adjustable power, and auto-folding heated auto-dimming side mirrors. The 20-inch wheels are included as standard. However, you don’t get a spare. There’s a tire-pressure monitor with the car, and in case you have a flat, you’ll need to contact roadside assistance.

There are heated seats that come standard for each occupant, a heated steering wheel, and heated washers for the windscreen to assist in defrosting when you’re heading towards the snow. Additionally, if it’s downloaded, you can control the temperature in the car from afar. Cold beginnings on winter mornings are now a thing of the past.

The app can also allow you to check the state of the car’s battery and allow someone else to drive your car with no keys (you only need to enter your password into the app). You can also unlock or lock your car and unlock the rear or front trunks once it is started and honk the horn. You can also flash the lights, set the speed limit, or turn on valet mode to ensure that parking attendants don’t use all your power for quick starts.

What is the number of seats available in the Tesla Model X? You can get this model with five seats in the standard, six seats at more than 8300 (with and without a center console in the rear), and seven seats at $4100.

Other options that we could have fitted to the vehicle were grey-painted 20-inch wheels (instead of the silver rims that come on the standard version of the vehicle: $2800) and the White Premium interior pack ($4600), and the carbon-fiber enhancement ($350), Deep Blue metallic paint ($2100) and the Enhanced Autopilot system ($6900).

Our budget Model X cost more than $175,000 when it was on the road. It’s a shame. There is a variety from a range of diesel or petrol-powered SUVs from luxury brands that compete at a lower cost and many with an integrated plug-in feature.

If you’re looking to buy a high-end plug-in hybrid SUV that is plug-in, you should consider one of the Volvo XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid priced at $122,900 and the Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid from $135,600 or the Mercedes-Benz GT500e for $129,500 and an Audi Q7 e-Tron from $139,900 as well as it’s the BMW X5 xDrive40e from $124,990.

However, there is no complete EVs; an Audi E-Tron version is expected next year.

Be aware of the lengthy wait times that come with the purchase of a Tesla car – they are built according to your specifications, and unless you’re buying used cars or a prototype on the (small!) inventory list, that could lead to waiting time of around three months. The Tesla configurator on the web allows you to see an estimate of when the Model 3 will be available. Certain buyers may take that with a pinch of salt, considering that many customers have waited for nearly two years to receive the Model 3 model.

If you’re not looking to pay for the depreciation burden, you might think about a second-hand vehicle. Used Model X and Model S examples are available on Tesla’s website.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Trans and engine

Audi E-tron- 9/10

This is one of the changes that make the thee-Tron S distinct. It’s also why Audi is the first manufacturer to launch a tri-motor electric vehicle in Australia. While Tesla has made plenty of attention with its tri-motor “Plaid” engine, it’s the German brand that’s brought cars on the showroom floor first.
The powertrain of the future features only one motor located on the front axle and two at the rear. Audi has put two rear motors into the same housing. However, each motor is equipped with its gearbox (one for the opposite side) and distinct power electronics.

Audi states that the three motors generate 973Nm and 370kW when they are at their maximum boost (and the equivalent of 320kW/850Nm under normal conditions). This is a substantial increase compared to the previous e-Tron Quattro, which generates 300kW/664Nm.

The new powertrain with three motors lets an e-Tron (both versions) reach 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds. This might not be as impressive as the 2.0-second speed of other EVs; however, it is a surprisingly fast speed for a huge family-friendly SUV.

The battery is similar to the one of the 55 Quattro. It is equipped with a 95 kWh capacity, sufficient to provide a range of 413km on the SUV and 418km in the Sportback.

Each e-Tron comes with the Chargefox subscription for six years included in the cost that gives owners to use one of the largest Australian publicly-accessible charging systems. It is important to note that all 350kW ultra-rapid chargers on the network are powered by renewable energy.

Tesla Model X

It’s not an engine. It’s a battery pack boasting a maximum speed of 210 km/h and a claimed 0-100 speed in 5.2 seconds. The range of the claimed driver of this model, the Tesla Model X 75D, is 417 km. There are no gears to play around with. Tesla’s running a single-speed transaxle; however, the stalk used is from Mercedes-Benz.

It’s not the fastest Model X. However, it has a D in the title, indicating that it’s powered by Tesla’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, which provides the best traction and acceleration for super-fast acceleration.

It’s not surprising that upgrading to the Model X 100D equipped with a 100kWh battery pack with dual motors improves the speed significantly (0-100: 4.9sec; 250km/h top speed). Additionally, it provides more range of electric power (565km claims).

Get all-out to the P100D, and you’ll find that your Model X will do 0-100 in 3.1sec with the inclusion of Ludicrous Mode. However, the battery’s capacity decreases a little (542km). Tesla claims it’s the fastest SUV globally, and even in 75D configuration, it’s pretty quick.

Each Tesla Model X is prepped for towing, too. The towing capability is 750kg with a braked trailer and 2250kg with braked trailers. The tare mass of this Model X is 2352 kilograms.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Fuel consumption

Audi E-tron- 8/10

The range claims mentioned above are from the NEDC, which has a shorter test cycle than WTLP, so it usually produces a better result for the car manufacturer.

Audi gave us the WLTP figures to their credit, but the company cautioned that it was done with European models with smaller 20-inch wheels, which can expand the range. In the end, WLTP numbers for the E-Tron S are 364km and 367km for the SUV and Sportback Sportback, respectively.

Our test journey included a trip across Canberra through Wagga Wagga through Cooma to top up our batteries at the fast-charging stations. After charging fully at Cooma, we drove 300km before arriving at Wagga Wagga and finished with around 50km remaining range.

It’s 325km of range for the SUV. However, our drive was up and over the Snowy Mountains at a good pace, which isn’t normally the thing EVs are intended for. However, it did a fantastic job in taking us across the mountains.

Between the descent and the climb, the battery e-Tron S averaged 27kWh, that’s a decent return for the type of driving we performed in town, so if it’s easier to utilize the regenerative brake to recharge the battery, there’s no reason why the e-Tron S shouldn’t be able to extend the range further than Audi’s promises.

Tesla Model X

None. It uses electricity which means that if you’re sourcing your energy from renewable sources, you’ll be able to drive carbon-neutral with Model X. Model X.

As we’ve mentioned, the full charge provides 417 miles. In our test, we loaded up the Model X with a full tank and then reduced it to 7 percent in the vicinity of 400km. So it’s pretty accurate.

Yes, I experienced range anxiety, and yes, I googled “how much time does it take to recharge the Tesla Model X?”

The charging time is contingent on what you are charging. If you visit Superchargers, Tesla’s high-amperage network of large capacity (up to 120kW for each car) rapid-charge points, expect to charge up to 80 percent of your charge within 45 minutes and then to full in less than an hour. It was once completely free of charge for customers to recharge at Superchargers, but the increase in demand led Tesla to adopt a fee-per-use, and all Tesla owners receive 400kWh of credits each year.

If you charge using the destination charger, as I was doing, results will be significantly more detrimental. I drove to the Supercheap Auto Penrith charge point capable of up to 22kW of power output with just 6 amps. I parked the vehicle there for the entire working day. It began at 7 percent, and when I returned the next day, it was 53 percent.

These chargers are ideal when you plan to go away for a weekend and want to connect your car as you lounge at your resort. However, it’s important to be aware that they’re not Superchargers. The Supercharger network grows in size, and, theoretically, you could travel between Adelaide to Brisbane with them today.

Each Tesla has an outlet for your wall to connect at home. However, there are many options as to the power it can produce, and it can be “tailored to the power supply of your home,” whether it’s single-phase or three-phase. The output could be as high as 16, 20, or even 32 amps for single-phase power. As per Tesla’s Australian website, three-phase 16-amp power can recharge at approximately 50km/hour. With a 24-amp, you can expect to see up to 80km/hour (meaning that it takes about 5 hours of charging under this specification).

If you’re interested in the specifications and figures to back up our claims, the Model X had used 136kWh during the 507 km of its existence until date, which is the rate of an average 269Wh/km. Therefore, if your electricity company charges the customer $0.22 for each kWh consumed, it will cost you $30 to cover 500km. This isn’t affordable, but you’re not purchasing the latest Tesla to cut costs, and If you have a reliable solar array for your home, it should be possible to power your home and your vehicle with no extra cost.

Furthermore, Tesla has a partnership with AGL, which allows you to charge your car for just $1 per day. You can recharge it every night with energy, but you’ll never be spending more than $365 in one calendar year.

Thus, the Model X gets a 10 out of 10 on the fuel consumed; however, if an estimate of time consumption accompanied these ratings, that is a lot lower!

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Driving

Audi E-tron- 9/10

This is the area where thee-Tron S has to shine. Being an S model will be a more thrilling, stimulating drive than the regular e-Tron.

Audi and the E-Tron, shined in our test drive and showed off their powerful engine and a well-maintained chassis that provides an exciting experience.

Even with the standard setting, the 320kW/850Nm feels quick; however, turn the gear selector to Sport mode. You can unleash the full 370kW/973Nm of power of the three motors, resulting in extremely fast acceleration whenever you get on the accelerator.

However, straight-line performance is just part of the equation. To be a true Audi S model, it needs to be at its best in cornering.

To achieve this, Audi has created electronic torque vectoring. This uses the distinct gearboxes for the motors at the rear to transmit energy to each of the rear wheels during cornering to assist make the automobile turn.

This effectively replaces the multiple differentials Audi utilizes for its petrol- or diesel Quattro vehicles thanks to this smart rear motor configuration combined with a single front motor to provide all-wheel traction.

Another feature that is great on the e-Tron is the steering wheel-mounted paddles which allow you to alter the braking system’s regenerative function while you move.

While it could seem like a trick, these paddles will save you from needing to go through menus in the middle screen, which lets you alter the regulation at will.

For example, if you’re on your way to work and traffic isn’t moving quickly, you could tap it to help you recover energy. However, when it begins to move, or you decide to turn into a motorway, a quick press on the paddle can mean you’ll be able to cruise on at a steady pace whenever you get off your accelerator.

The most significant obstacle to the efficiency and performance of the thee-Tron S is its weight and the SUV tipping its weight at 2580kg. You can feel the weight as you slow down for turns and curves when the air suspension is adaptive and tries to keep that weight stable on the road.

Thankfully, the tires have an even grip while the control is set up, and once you’ve adjusted to the car’s weight, the E-Tron S is enjoyable to drive.

Tesla Model X

Two electric motors and a large battery bank of lithium-ion batteries are used; the speed with Model X is impressive. Model X is impressive. Its throttle response is great, and even from a standing position, you’ll still impress your buddies even if you don’t purchase the Ludicrous version.

The acceleration on the move is great since there’s no turbo or transmission time lag like on any Model X’s other natural rivals. It’s fast even when you’re driving relaxed, and it’s nice to have an engine in reserve should you require it.

It’s a big vehicle, but it is mostly down low, thanks to Tesla’s skateboard-style battery platform between the axles that make it feel like it’s being suctioned. The 20-inch rims made of Michelin rubber (255/45 front and rear 275/45) provide a great grip and traction that is much better than you’d expect to see in traditional SUVs.

Air suspensions do a good job of shielding the people inside your cabin away from the roads beneath, provided that it’s not rough. Some issues can be felt around sharp edges, for example, speed bumps, where it can be a little stiff. There’s also the usual side-to-side wallow that it gets from airbag suspension.

The electronic steering system provides excellent accuracy and responsiveness. It is based on linear weighting, making it easy to turn the wheel regardless of whether you’re pushing through corners or just searching for a parking spot in the shop.

What could be improved? Visibility is one of the main issues for me personally. It’s a huge car, and the rearview mirror isn’t as big, nor is the visibility it gives. If you’re on the 3rd row, it’s nothing you can do to make use of it.

I used the Enhanced Autopilot system on my commute, and it performed extremely well. You must ensure that there is some pressure on the wheel. It’s not a complete autopilot system and shouldn’t be viewed. You must keep control of the vehicle and be aware of the surroundings. It’s not perfect, and if you do not follow its instructions to maintain gentle pressure on the steering wheel, the wheel will turn off for the remainder of your journey.

I was shocked that there was no surround-view camera installed in this vehicle, particularly when considering the number of radars and cameras for the fitted driving system.

Other issues? When you make turns, the groaning and creaking of the body and rubbers, especially when you go through off-set bends at low speeds in car parks and other similar situations. This isn’t the kind that you hear in high-end SUVs.

If you’re buying a Tesla, make sure you spend your money on the best home charging solution you have. It will relax your mind. It’s also a good idea to get close to the Supercharger.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Safety

Audi E-tron- 8/10

Thee-tron that came with the standard model scored an ANCAP rating of five stars at its testing in the year 2019. The structure of the e-Tron S is the same, and there’s absolutely no reason to think that it’s any different.
Thee-Tron S is a mirror of the standard features of the regular model that is a complete list of the eight airbags and, 360-degree surround cameras, rear and front parking sensors. It also has an autonomous emergency brake (AEB) with cyclist and pedestrian detection, lane-departure alert, rear cross-traffic assistance, collision-avoidance aid, turn assistance warning of exit, and monitoring of tire pressure.

Tesla Model X

There isn’t an ANCAP and Euro NCAP crash test rating for the Tesla Model X, but the car scored exceptionally excellently in NHTSA testing in the US, with the highest ever rating for an SUV.

Model X Model X sold in Australia has a range of safety features, such as collision warning systems, autonomous emergency braking, a reverse camera, and parking sensors both front and rear. In addition, there are airbags for the first and second-row passengers; however, there is no curtain airbag protection for rows behind.

Models to Enhanced Autopilot (which will be the majority as we anticipate) include four cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors monitoring the car’s surroundings. Autopilot is activated, which means that the vehicle can keep the vehicle’s position in the road lane, can switch lanes with the press on the stalk of an indicator (thus it letting the car perform blind spot-checking for you) as well as adjust its speed to follow the speed of other traffic users. The car slows down to a complete stopping point and then takes off when things start moving again.

For parents, there is good news There are ISOFIX infant seat anchors within four rear seat models and top-tether attachments to the five rear seats in all five – therefore, baby capsules shouldn’t be an issue.

Audi e-tron SUV VS Tesla Model X: Ownership

Audi E-tron- 9/10

Audi Australia recently introduced a standard warranty of five years on the vehicle; however, for the etron S, there’s an eight-year/160,000km guarantee for the battery and a 12-year bodywork warranty corrosion.

To enhance the purchase value, Audi includes the first six years of maintenance included in the purchase price, roadside assistance, and an earlier mentioned Charge fox subscription.

Tesla Model X

Tesla provides a solid warranty of eight years and 160,000 km for the vehicle and a warranty that extends to unlimited miles in the case of the drivetrain.

The company requires owners to take care of the Model X (or Model S) at least every 12 months or 20,000km, depending on when it happens most quickly. And with few moving parts, you’d expect service costs to be pretty low – however, there is no capped-price-servicing plan.

Are you considering purchasing a Tesla? Check out the Tesla problems page for a comprehensive overview of the most common issues, common faults, and common recalls or complaints made.

2022 Audi e-tron Images

Audi e-tron SUV
As the first electric SUV built with Audi DNA, the e-tron

Audi e-tron SUV

Audi e-tron SUV

Audi e-tron SUV

Audi e-tron SUV

2022 Tesla Model X Images

Tesla Model X
With the most power and quickest acceleration of any SUV, Model X Plaid is the highest performing SUV ever built.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X


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Is Audi e tron better than Tesla?

Although it’s quite higher in price than the rival model, this 2022 Audi e-Tron Sportback is luxurious and spacious, comfortable, and even able to handle some dirt roads. It is priced lower and lower; it is more affordable than the Tesla Model Y and goes farther in the battery. However, it’s not as extravagant.

Audi e tron Sales vs Tesla

Despite the many obstacles being put in place and the fact that many electric Audis don’t have the kind of range that you’d think of for Tesla, Audi saw an increase in sales of fully electric vehicles in the range of 57.5 percent. Audi sold 81,894 fully-electric vehicles in 2021 across the globe. This was by far the largest number for electric vehicles. Tesla has sold 499,535 vehicles by 2020, making it the most sought-after EV manufacturer. In the past year, Tesla has been outselling SAIC-GMWuling, its closest rival, by 77.06 percent. At the end of August 2020, Tesla was close to surpassing its overall vehicle sales for 2020 by selling 473,136 vehicles.

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