Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications

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Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications

Topic: Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications

Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications
Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications

Chevrolet Spark EV- Wheel Size And Specifications

Chevrolet Spark, EV wheel size chart is a fitment guide when you have to replace OEM wheels or upgrade your vehicle using some aftermarket options. It can help determine the possibilities for custom and stock offset range, the wheel width parameters, and the Chevy Spark EV bolt design that is crucial for the proper installation.

To make it easier for you, For your convenience, we’ve grouped our Chevrolet Spark EV wheel specifications into generations. Scroll down to locate the required year of production, and then check out the size of the wheel.

Guide to fitting the wheels

When it comes time to replace the wheels on stock or rims of Spark EV, Every vehicle owner is faced with certain fitment issues. It is possible to face this problem every time you decide to alter the size of your wheel or purchase new rims since the stock ones left you feeling bored.

The bolt pattern of the Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) describes the size of the circle created by the wheel’s centre lugs. It also describes the size of lug holes that are incorporated by the wheel’s rim. How do you change the bolt pattern? Use adapters

Stock Wheel Offset

What is the standard wheel offset? The distance between the hub’s mounting surface and the centre of the Chevrolet Spark EV wheels wheel. If you require a different offset, make use of wheel spacers (Amazon hyperlink) 

In general, most OEM wheels are properly fitted to certain vehicles. Be aware! If you’re interested in checking the offset of your Chevrolet Spark EV offset, there are a variety of options to examine the wheels’ back, their mounting plates or on the wheel’s back. You’re in the right spot if you spot the inscription, which ends with “ET”. The Chevrolet Spark EV wheel spec can be printed as “number+letters” or reverse.

Centre Bore (Hub Bore)

The hole located in the middle of the rim exactly corresponds to the hub’s diameter. It’s located behind the wheel. As the car’s hub is inserted into this hole, it will ensure that the wheel is centred properly. The wheels of the stock Spark EV are perfectly centred on the hub. What is the best way to install rims with an increased centre bore? Utilize Hub-Centred Rings

Custom Offset Range

It is calculated based on the information of a modified Chevrolet Spark EV, which changed to a custom wheel size while preserving the original driving characteristics of the car.

Thread Size

Lug Nuts Size: Measures the thread diameter, thread pitch, and length of the thread. The measurement system of metrics is the size of the thread in which the first digit is described in millimetres.

Rim Sizes Range

It gives an idea of the maximum and minimum permissible limit of the width and diameter of the wheels that match the particular vehicle. Use hubcaps to change the appearance of your wheels.

Custom Rim Sizes Range

The diagram shows the upper and lower boundaries of the rims the vehicle may incorporate according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Sometimes you’re not satisfied with your current wheels, and you’d like some other type. Selecting the best wheel aftermarket (Amazon hyperlink) is not an easy task; however, we’ll try to assist you in getting your choices straight. We’ve collected some previous modifications to the Ford Chevrolet Spark EV cars. The owners attempted to determine the right balance between rim size, wheel width and backspacing, wheel offset and height of the suspension. It must be appealing to the car’s owner as well. Look around and choose your preferred option from a list of the options with custom wheels.

Sizes of Tires

The scale ranges from the smallest to the highest options for the wheel size to accommodate Chevrolet Spark EV.

Benefits and drawbacks of various ways to get bigger or smaller wheels. We hope this article will aid you in choosing the best Chevrolet Spark EV wheel size modification:

Chevrolet Spark EV Larger Wheels


  • Improve handling through greater grip and traction
  • Improves the stability of your car when cornering because more rubber is on the track
  • The most efficient method to raise the ground clearance of your Spark EV
  • Includes the additional brake capability
  • Significantly improves the vehicle design, with a more aggressive stance
  • Will be able to handle higher speed and weight limitations.


  • Bigger wheels equal higher costs
  • A rise in fuel consumption
  • Hard steering (turning)
  • A little slower acceleration
  • This can result in an unforgiving ride
  • The tendency to wear out quicker
  • Potential safety system warning

Chevrolet Spark Electric Smaller Wheels


  • Smoother ride, without major changes
  • Relatively cheap


  • Lack of handling ability
  • It has a rather unattractive appearance
  • Poor performance because of their small size

We strongly suggest following the wheel’s dimensions and bolt patterns specified by the manufacturer.

Be aware that using aftermarket wheels could impact the efficiency of the fuel of your Chevrolet Spark EV, and speedometer readings may not accurately reflect the actual speed you are driving. This could lead to being fined in certain states.

2018 Chevy Spark Tire Size

2018 Chevy Spark EV

Wheel/Rim Size Tire Sizes Chevy Spark EV Options

2016 Chevy Spark Tires Size

2016 Chevy Spark EV

Wheel/Rim Size Tire Sizes Chevy Spark EV Options
Front:  185-55-15  
Rear:  195-55-15

2015 Chevy Spark Tire Size

2015 Chevy Spark EV

Wheel/Rim Size Tire Sizes Chevy Spark EV Options
Front:  185-55-15  
Rear:  195-55-15

2014 Chevy Spark Tire Size

2014 Chevy Spark EV

Wheel/Rim Size Tire Sizes Chevy Spark EV Options
Front:  185-55-15  
Rear:  195-55-15

People Also Ask:

Chevrolet Spark EV wheels are interchangeable?

Certain wheels can be swapped out if they share similar bolt patterns and the size of the locking hubs. In other cases, you must modify your wheels. If you’re eager to delve deeper into the subject, stick with us!

What other rims are compatible with a Chevrolet Spark EV?

It’s not difficult to figure out if Chevy Spark Spark tires or rims will be a good pair. To find the best fit, you must consider the wheel’s diameter and width. To help you, it is possible to locate sizes of rims and wheel dimensions on this page, on manufacturer’s manuals, or the official Chevrolet Spark EV website. Be aware that the size of the wheel can provide some flexibility, but its diameter can be a more precise measurement of the wheel.

Does rim width matter for tires?

A Chevrolet Spark EV rim width is a significant factor in the size of the tire you can use. In addition, when the tire is mounted on a narrow rim, it will be thin. The size of the wheel may also alter during fitting. However, the tire’s width could vary. A quality tire can be stretched to 5 millimetres.

Can my car be faster if I have bigger wheels?

Wheels with larger diameters are heavier, and the performance of your car’s acceleration may be affected. The Chevrolet Spark EV’s wheels can also improve stability while cornering. The larger the wheels are, the more steady your vehicle will be. For this reason, the distance to stop can be reduced.

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