Best Solar Companies San Diego

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Best Solar Companies San Diego

Topic: Best Solar Companies San Diego

Best Solar Companies San Diego
Best Solar Companies San Diego

Best Solar Companies San Diego

If you’re searching for the best solar firms in San Diego, California, you’ll see plenty of web resources and company comparisons. However, many don’t consider some of the most crucial features for residents in America’s Finest City, like panel efficiency, which allows you to take advantage of the ample sunlight in CA.

What Are San Diego, California’s Top 5 Solar Companies?

1. SunPower

In San Diego, many companies are slow to get your equipment and install it because of the popularity of solar installations. If this is the case, you may want to consider SunPower as an alternative. Solar equipment is the exclusive focus of this national manufacturer, which has some of the best supplies in California.

SunPower’s solar panels are currently the most efficient solar panels on the market. They come with a 25-year warranty (but commonly last over 30 years), so you can be sure that your system will operate well for decades to come.

The organisation relies on certified third-party installers to handle the work to keep installations on schedule. This comes with the benefit of speedy service in most circumstances, but you can also experience different customer service based on the exact solar installation business with whom you’re partnered.

Although SunPower is a bit pricey, it offers a variety of payment options, including cash, finance, leasing, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Along with solar panel and battery installations, it also uses electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and designs commercial solar solutions.

Pros for SunPower:

  • SunPower boasts some of the most extensive product and service offerings in San Diego.
  • One of the best warranties available on the market. All customers may find a way to buy from this company because there are many different ways.
  • Ample accessibility
  • Many buying alternatives, including leases and PPAs
  • Inexpensive, reliable, and covered by an extensive guarantee

Cons for SunPower:

  • Compared to other providers in the area, SunPower might be somewhat pricey. Even though each third-party installer it works with is thoroughly vetted and certified, customer support can still be hit or miss.
  • Slightly more pricey than other companies
  • This varies from store to store.

2. NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power has been a fixture in the San Diego solar industry since its inception in 1992, making it one of the more experienced players on this list. It is a semi-local firm that delivers exceptional customer service to homeowners. Its specialists are knowledgeable enough to design and install an efficient system that will likely meet or surpass your expectations.

NRG carries a large selection of solar equipment from leading brands, like LG solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries, so that you may tailor your system. It also provides a wide array of services, including panel and battery installations, solar monitoring and EV charging station setups. As such, it appeals to many California homeowners.

NRG offers industry-leading warranties, including individual warranties on the equipment — based on the manufacturer — and up to a lifetime warranty on the work. These assurances give customers peace of mind and trust in the company’s solar products. However, that peace of mind comes with a price, as NRG is more expensive than competitors.

Pros for NRG Clean Power

  • NRG Clean Power offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties. It has exceptional customer service and gives skilled, sustainable energy advice for San Diego households.
  • One of the best warranties available on the market.
  • Outstanding dedication to the needs of every client
  • Knowledge and advice relevant to the San Diego area

NRG Clean Power’s Disadvantages

  • NRG Clean Power is more expensive than many competitors. If you’re looking for leasing or PPAs, you’ll need to look elsewhere because this company only offers low-interest solar loans with no money down.
  • Slightly more pricey than other companies
  • There are no lease options or PPAs.

3. Sunrun

Sunrun is a vast national firm that services most of California, including San Diego, El Cajon, Escondido, Los Angeles and more. The company maintains competitive pricing and is one of the leading organisations in San Diego for financing alternatives. It takes cash purchases, gives solar loans and has solar leasing and PPAs.

Sunrun’s services are limited to solar panels, battery storage and EV charger installations. It only offers one brand of solar panel — SolarEdge — but it does provide a few other brands’ batteries.

As a result, your solar project won’t have a lot of customizability possibilities. The company also only offers a 10-year warranty on top of manufacturer’s warranties, which isn’t as excellent as most companies in the area who give 25+ years of coverage.

With that being said, given its size, it has more techs than most competitors and can keep flexibility with installation timetables.

Advantages of Sunrun

  • Sunrun provides inexpensive pricing and offers the most financing and buying choices of any company in the area. Its size enables some flexibility and increased availability for consultations and installation deadlines.
  • Affordable
  • Financing solutions, including leases and PPAs, are available.
  • Significant personnel for consulting and installation

Cons of Sunrun

  • Some residents think that Sunrun’s expertise isn’t quite as relevant for the San Diego area as a larger national organisation. As a result, a few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service.
  • Sunrun also only completes solar panel and solar battery installations and only offers one type of solar panel.
  • Unsatisfactory level of client care
  • There are only a few options available.
  • Only one solar panel brand offered

4. Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum is a brand indigenous to California serving San Diego since 2008. The local community is well-known for its top-notch customer service, which includes quick turn-around times, professionalism, knowledge, and excellent communication before, during, and after the installation process.

Solar Optimum’s excellent service comes at a price, as the company is more pricey than most in the area. However, even if it uses goods from three reputable solar firms, the price of solar panels will still be out of reach for some people.

Installing solar panels, backup batteries, solar roof shingles, and solar EV chargers are just a few of the services offered by this organisation. On top of the service variety, Solar Optimum’s warranties are superb.

Because the company exclusively accepts cash and loans for solar panel installations, consumers seeking leasing or PPAs will have to search elsewhere.

Solar Optimum has several advantages.

  • Solar Optimum is one of the best solar firms in San Diego, California, for customer service. With an excellent selection of services and strong warranty coverage, you can rest easy.
  • Best customer service in San Diego
  • Good array of products and services
  • Great warranty coverage

Cons for Solar Optimum

  • Solar Optimum only has a few manufacturers accessible, so personalisation may be limited even though these are among the most popular options. In addition to having higher pricing than most of its competitors, it does not provide leases or PPAs.
  • Only a few brands of solar equipment are available.
  • Expensive
  • No leases or PPAs

5. Kota Energy Group

Kota Energy Group is located in Carlsbad, California, and services several places across the country. However, it functions as a local company in that it delivers excellent customer service and is well familiar with the demands of San Diego homes wishing to go solar.

Its staff is pleasant and well-versed in the product. If you’re looking to install solar panels on your home, they can guide you through the selection process and help you make the most of available tax breaks and rebates.

There are a variety of solar panel alternatives available from Kota Energy Group, so you can pick the one that best suits your household’s energy requirements. Many of the panels are high-efficiency types from famous brands, making them excellent for usage in San Diego.

After installing your solar system, you can rest easy knowing that Kota offers an extensive, 25-year warranty on craftsmanship and roof penetration.

Although Kota is a bit on the pricey side, its favourable comments from customers imply that homeowners are willing to shell up the cash. Kota offers a variety of payment options, including cash, solar loans, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Kota Energy Group’s Advantages

  • Kota delivers fantastic service and quality items targeted exclusively at the San Diego people.
  • It features a wide assortment of solar panel system equipment with substantial warranties and plenty of purchase alternatives.
  • Outstanding dedication to the needs of every client
  • An array of premium goods is available for purchase.
  • PPAs and financing are options.

Cons for Kota Energy Group

  • Kota’s services are fantastic; however, they come at a more excellent price than many competitors.
  • On the other hand, Kota does not provide lease choices and is a very new business. However, keep in mind that a warranty is only good as long as the company is still in business.
  • Expensive
  • You can’t get out of a lease early.
  • Young company

Best Solar Companies San Diego

Selection Criteria for the Best Solar Company in San Diego, California

The crew considered various factors while determining the finest solar firms in the San Diego area. The following are some of the more essential aspects on which we based our ratings and rankings when rating and ranking companies.


Warranties can cover physical damage to panels and roofs, guarantee the output and efficiency of solar panels, or do all of the above. Residents in Southern California are subjected to severe weather, such as Santa Ana winds.

Many San Diego homeowners opt for better physical protection because these can damage even the most significant solar panels or pose a hazard to neighbouring trees. Efficiency warranties ensure that you take advantage of the abundant sunlight and use clean energy to power your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system throughout the year.

Founded in the year

Given that California is the nation’s leading state for solar installations, there are a plethora of “fly by night” companies springing up to capitalise on the high demand. We carefully analyse years of experience and other characteristics to exclude these organisations, which frequently provide lousy service and lack knowledge.

Services Provided

Most solar providers provide at least panel installations or panel and backup battery installations. Others provide a broader range of services, such as EV chargers, solar roof tiles, system monitoring, and other products. Companies that offer more services are more appealing to San Diegans. Therefore, we tend to rank them higher.

Solar Panels Are Available

Solar power systems are not all created equal, and some higher-quality, more efficient manufacturers are better suited for San Diego houses. Companies that have access to more solar brands typically rank higher in our evaluation system because they can meet the needs of a more significant number of clients.

Affiliations in the Industry

The team also evaluates solar industry relationships. Associations such as the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the California Solar & Storage Association indicate that a corporation is interested in offering renewable energy solutions to households and helping the environment rather than being exclusively concerned with profit.

Size of the Company

Finally, we consider the company’s size and potential to offer exceptional service. Smaller local businesses typically have more knowledge and a better awareness of the solar incentives available in California and San Diego County, potentially leading to higher overall solar energy system efficiency and lower electric bill costs. Larger national companies may provide poorer customer service, but they may stock more panel alternatives and have shorter installation timetables.

Pricing and Financing for Solar

In California, the cost of solar has dropped by more than 10% in the previous five years, but installation is still costly. We look at a company’s overall pricing and financing choices to determine the finest solar contractors for San Diego residents.

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