How Much Is A New Tesla Battery?

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How Much Is A New Tesla Battery?

How Much Is A New Tesla Battery?
How Much Is A New Tesla Battery?

Topic: How Much Is A New Tesla Battery? Let’s get into it; right away, one of Tesla’s biggest gambles turned out to be good for them now.

A year ago, Tesla decided to use lithium iron phosphate, LFP batteries made by Contemporary Amperex Technology, CATL. There was a lot of scepticism about the decision as the energy density of LFP batteries is significantly less than that of nickel cobalt aluminium, NCA batteries.

Tesla claims its vehicles to be high-performance ones but using LFP batteries could result in lesser range and charging capacity. This decision was made for the Standard Range Model 3 produced in China. If the decision had been the wrong one, Tesla could have racked the Chinese market prospects. However, after almost one year of usage, the decision turned out to be a good one. And other car manufacturers tend to do the same.

Switching to LFP batteries instead of NCA ones is the way to go for all Standard Range variants of electric vehicles. This decision is also a very environmentally conscious one. The world has been running out of cobalt and nickel resources for a very long time now; keeping a steady supply of these minerals would have been difficult in the future.

The 55-kilowatt hour LFP model 3 battery has captured 5.9% of the global electric vehicle market. Surprisingly, these cars were not sold in the United States and still managed to conquer such a huge market. The sales figures have only been growing since then, and no problems have been reported with the LFP battery-powered vehicles.

A recent unfortunate event involved a Tesla model Y getting wedged onto the trailer of a semi-truck. The Detroit Police Department has confirmed that it was indeed the driver’s fault that resulted in an accident. The autopilot software from Tesla was not found at fault as was being speculated previously. There has been a lot of media coverage around the case, as it was under question whether the autopilot system had caused the accident.

The driver of the vehicle is being charged with multiple crimes. Driving while having a suspended license, reckless driving, and misdemeanour is among them. A woman passenger Esmeralda Barco, ended up in hospital with serious injuries. One critical factor in the incident was the speed at which the vehicle was being driven.

It was way above the speed limit that the autopilot system would have been allowed to be driven at. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stepped into the case and decided to investigate it further. The clues will be looked into from the vehicle itself. A black box will be retrieved from the car and checked for information relevant to the case.

Critical investigation in the case will be crucial for Tesla and the future of FSD. If there’s even a single clue found that suggests that the autopilot system caused the accident, the trust in FSD and all Tesla autonomous driving systems will be lost forever.

This will leave a huge hole in both the global image and finances of Tesla. Tesla aims to have Giga Berlin up and running by July of 2021 and is currently in the process of extensive hiring.

In the past week alone, the company has posted 28 vacancies for a wide range of professionals. Engineering, human resources and information technology are among them. There is an expected number of 7,000 hirings required to run the Giga Berlin. Tesla is sparing no time to have the positions filled. The hiring process for a Giga Berlin has been in motion since November of 2020.

Certain new positions such as CAD design will require the training of employees. A rollout of Made in Germany Tesla vehicles such as the Model Y is also expected in July of 2021. All eyes are on Giga Berlin, as it could turn out to be an excellent opportunity for Tesla in the years to come. Entering the European market is not easy due to the stiff competition involved.

However, once it is done, it will hold endless prospects for Tesla, as there is a huge demand in the region for electric vehicles. Owners of Tesla vehicles will soon be allowed to see how their vehicles are made in the Giga Shanghai factory. Grace Tao, The vice president for external affairs at Giga Shanghai, has reported on her Twitter account that plans have been set in motion to make this happen.

People who visit the facility will witness a highly automated Tesla production plant dubbed The Alien Dreadnought by Elon Musk. The name is that it is highly unrealistic to see how the work is done there. Many might consider it to be something extraterrestrial. Tesla enthusiasts on Twitter were bewildered when they saw the tweet and responded to it massively.

Most interestingly, phase one and two of the Shanghai Giga factory will be an amusing sight for the visitors as it is the first foreign production plant set up by the company. It is also the place where Made in China model threes are being produced. Phase two of the Giga Shanghai is the birthplace of the Made in China model Y. Another interesting thing about the plant is its high pace of

development and production. In almost a year, Tesla has already expanded the Gigafactory and reached a high mass production state.

The 8,000-ton Giga press used to cast parts for the Cybertruck has been showcased in a recent video. IDRA, the company responsible for making the die-casting machine, has released a video in which an 8,000-ton Behemoth was shown, but no name of Tesla was included. The obvious hint in the video that linked Tesla to it was IDRA’s mentioning that the customer for it is a leading brand of new energy vehicles.

Tesla had also claimed that the Giga Press needed for the Cybertruck would be larger than the one used to cast their model Y’s rear end. The Press used to make the model Y part overly weighed almost 6,000 tons. Another thing mentioned by the IDRA general manager was the enormous machine would be used to make parts of large vehicles and SUVs.

This gives the key information on the prospects of Tesla. Elon Musk is planning other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup that will require the giant Press for manufacturing. Maybe Tesla can start to die-casting some parts of the Model X and make it much sturdier than it already is. No vehicle produced by Tesla is a slow one.

However, the model Y performance variant lags way behind some of Tesla vehicles, such as the model S plaid and model X plaid and model Y performance was put to the test against a Ford Shelby GT500, 2020 Edmunds.

Surprisingly, model Y stood out and beat the Shelby GT500. Considering the performance figures, the Shelby GT500 should

have had a better chance at beating the model Y as it boasts a supercharged 5.3 litres 760 horsepower V8 engine. According to the tests carried out by Edmunds, the GT500 finished the quarter-mile at 129.9 miles per hour in 11.3 seconds.

These are impressive numbers, which, when put against the model Y, paled somewhat. Model Y can reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. Looking at the model Y performance’s price tag, It is quite surprising to see that it beat Shelby GT500 five times in a row. One factor credited to the defeat of the GT500 is the difficulty in launching the car.

It isn’t very clear to figure out the right way to launch the vehicle to maximise the truck’s maximum traction and agility. However, the opposite is the case for Tesla model Y performance. Just flooring the pedal when needed brings the four sitter cross SUV to mind-blowing speeds. It will be even more interesting to see how the Teslas match up with sports latest attempts at entering the performance electric vehicle market.

Both Ford enthusiasts and Tesla enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for the race where a Tesla goes up against the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Other carmakers are also trying to follow Tesla. For instance, the e-Tron GT by Audi.

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