The New Tesla Model 3 Increases Its Autonomy to 614 km

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The New Tesla Model 3 Increases Its Autonomy to 614 km

Tesla Model 3 Increases Its Autonomy to 614 km
Tesla Model 3 Increases Its Autonomy to 614 km

Topic: Tesla Model 3 Increases Its Autonomy to 614 km

As one of the critical points of electric cars, a longer range can be beneficial when introducing new models or improving existing models. With this in mind, Tesla has updated the range of one of the Tesla Model 3 models.

  • Tesla has updated the range of its long-range twin-engine Model 3 in Europe. So far the model has survived 580 km of WLTP without having to recharge. However, that number increased to 614 km WLTP.
  • It should be remembered that, in the past, the only model in the Model 3 lineup that could exceed 600 km of the WLTP was long-range RWD, which was discontinued at the time.
  • The Standard Range Plus RWD and Long Range Dual Motor Performance models have not changed their range (448 km WLTP and 567 km WLTP, respectively).

The Tesla Model 3 has been updated for 2021, and, in the case of its Great Autonomy variant, it increases its range, now signing 34 km of autonomy more than the figure that it approved so far.

This is mainly due to the inclusion of a new battery, with a higher capacity, thanks to which it now manages to reach a maximum of 614 km (WLTP) compared to the previous 580 km.

The price of this version does not change, as can be seen in the configurator, as it remains at 52,390 euros. It should be remembered that at the beginning of this year, the two Model 3 with dual mechanics lowered their price. Previously in Model 3 Great Autonomy, it was offered for 59,000 euros.

The changes of the new Model 3 Great Autonomy

Only the Great Autonomy has slightly increased its range, as the Performance remains at 567 km. And it is that this variant, with two motors per axle and therefore all-wheel drive, now mounts the announced 82 kWh battery replacing the previous one of 79 kWh (being 75 kWh useful).

This battery houses new cells developed with Panasonic, giving it a higher energy density without increasing its size and weight. The Japanese technology company ensures that the improvement in terms of energy density is 5%. These 2170 cells also come hand in hand with improved recharging speed.

But this improved autonomy is also influenced by the new heat pump that equips the updated Model 3 Grand Autonomy, inherited from the Tesla Model Y, and the updated wheels. The design has been optimized and more efficient.

All this translates into those promised 614 km; a figure approved in the WLTP cycle. However, in North America and the EPA cycle, the range with this 82 kWh battery is set at 568 km (353 miles ), meaning that the real one will be around that figure as this homologation standard is more demanding.

The new Tesla Model 3 comes with slight aesthetic changes in essence and some functional ones. For example, on the outside, the chrome is eliminated, in addition to incorporating the aforementioned new wheels, which maintain their denomination and measurements: 18 inches for the Aero and 19 inches for the Sport.

The windows are now double laminated, so the thermal insulation is better, the tailgate incorporates automatic opening, and the design of the front boot has been adjusted.

For its part, the passenger compartment also highlights the absence of chrome, the use of new materials for some surfaces, or the redesign of the central tunnel. The wireless charging area designed in suede is now visible to prevent shipping terminals.

Other minor changes are the incorporation of door opening icons for the buttons that perform this function or the elimination of the emergency call button, which is now activated from the touch screen.

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