How to fix electric car seat?

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How to fix electric car seat?

How to fix electric car seat
How to fix electric car seat

Topic: How to fix electric car seat?

Power car seats come with different options to achieve the best possible position for the driver and front passenger. Some also include a computer memory to program-specific positions for each driver and passenger. We will deal with the simple and common seats to test from the chips, reversible electric motors, and assemblies to wiring and steel cables.

The trick to diagnosing power car seats is to focus on the mechanical and electrical problem zones: the mechanism that fails to lower or raise the seatback or the part that slides or adjusts the seat backward or forwards. Remember this while checking the power seat, whether it comes with one, two, or three motors. You just need basic electrical knowledge or the desire to learn repair procedures. So let’s get started.

Look for one of the most common problems with these types of seats: Inspect the seat rails and the area under the seat with a flashlight and make sure no objects are obstructing or preventing the movement of the seat.

Check the fuse or switch if both seats stopped working.

Put the key in the ignition but don’t start the engine. Operate the seat tab and listen for the motor running under the broken seat. If you don’t hear any sound from the engine, lift the tab from the door panel or the side of the seat.

Check the input voltage of the plug using the test light. If there is no voltage, check the wiring between the plug and the fuse panel for a circuit breaker. Unplug the plug and test for continuity using a multimeter. If there isn’t, replace the token.

Test the relay if the circuit has one between the board and the broken motor. Operate the plug and make sure the relay is receiving voltage from it. It also tests the output voltage from the relay to the motor using the test light. Make sure the relay is connected properly. Remove or move the seat to the side if possible to perform this test. If one of the two voltages is not present, check that part of the wire for short in the circuit if there is no output voltage, test that the relay is working properly, and replace it if necessary.

Check the input voltage on the damaged motor or motors using a test light. If there is no input voltage, test the wire (s) for continuity between the motor and the plug or relay, looking for a short in the circuit.

Disconnect the damaged motor and test it outside, connecting the motor to the car battery using two test leads. If the motor still doesn’t work, replace it.

Check the drive unit assembly, gears, and tracks and ensure the machine is in good shape. Make repairs if necessary.


Chips and motors are the most common trouble spots in these types of seats. It’s a good idea to work with the wiring diagram for your power seats in your hands. Most vehicle maintenance manuals come with wiring diagrams for the various electrical systems. Purchase the maintenance manual at most auto stores, or see a free one at your local public library.

Frequently asked questions:

Can you manually move an electric car seat?

There are two ways to manually move a power seat. Locate the seat’s electric motor, which is usually located at the back of the seat on the left or right side. With the retractor in hand, rotate it clockwise to move the car seat back or move the tool to the left to move the seat forward.

How much will it cost to fix an electric seat in a car?

Take your power car seat to a mechanic, However, the main disadvantage of car seat repair at a body shop is that it is expensive. Depending on the type of damage and the mechanic’s hourly rate, repair costs can range from $ 400 to $ 700.

Why is my power seat not working?

The seat cannot move forward or backward, or in any of the directions, it is supposed to move. If the seat does not move at all, check the fuses to see if they have blown. If the fuses are still intact, contact a professional mechanic to replace the power seat switch so you can sit in the correct driving position.

What Causes Heated seats to stop working?

A bad fuse is another common culprit for a heated seat that no longer works. Inspect the fuse box and replace any blown fuses you discover. Repairing a blown fuse is one of the quickest and easiest ways to repair a broken heated seat.

How do electric car seats work?

All power seats are powered by a motor. Each seat will have a motor folded under the seat and hidden from view. So basically a power seat works like this: You push the button, which sends a signal through the wiring to the engine, which in turn is powered by the vehicle’s electrical system.

How do you remove a power seat switch?

  1. Locate the power seat switch.
  2. Remove the seat upholstery panel to access the rear of the power seat switch.
  3. Check the power seat switch inputs to make sure the switch is on and grounded.
  4. Start and ground the power seat motor (bypassing the power seat switch).
  5. Remove the connector from the switch.

How much does it cost to add power seats?

How much does it cost to install power seats? The average cost to replace a power seat switch is between $ 386 and $ 399. Labor costs are estimated to range between $ 47 and $ 60, while parts are priced at $ 339. The estimate does not include taxes or fees.

How much is a power seat motor?

The average cost to replace the power seat motor is between $ 605 and $ 632. Labor costs are estimated to range from $ 103 to $ 130, while parts are priced at $ 502.

How long do power seats last?

There is no defined life for a power seat switch. The more often you adjust your seat, the faster the switch will fail. The situation is the same as for electric windows or electric door locks. The more you use the switch, the more you use the switch contacts.

What is a seat motor?

The seat motor is part of the power seat in your car. This motor is powered by the car battery and is connected to the seat and the seat adjustment switch. The seat switch allows the driver or passenger to adjust the seat forward / back position, lumbar support, and seat height.

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