BMW i4 Pre-Order

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BMW i4 Pre-Order

Topic: BMW i4 Pre-Order

BMW i4 Pre-Order
BMW i4 Pre-Order

BMW i4 Pre-Order

An electric car that is designed to tackle all turnabouts. Experience unbeatable precision, stunning acceleration, and thrilling ability in the time you’re spending in the all-new BMW i4. Make your pre-order today.

What drives you?


Keep it classy with these subtle and distinctive Blue accents featured on the rear-wheel-drive Gran Coupe. The aerodynamic, model-like wheels and bumpers give it beautiful looks and improve the efficiency of your fuel.

  • 335 Horsepower
  • From 0-60 seconds, 5.5 seconds
  • Distance: 300 miles
  • 10 minutes DC Fast Charge = 108 Miles of Range

BMW i4 Pre-Order: SPORTS Enthusiast The BMW I4 M50

Experience increased power and faster acceleration with this electric car with an all-wheel-drive featuring engineering from BMW M. Design upgrades include exclusive badges, Cerium Grey accents, and BMW M wheels and mirrors.

  • 536 Horsepower
  • Zero to 60: 3.7 seconds
  • Distance 245 miles
  • 10 minutes DC Fast Charge = 88 Miles of Range

BMW’s next-generation electric car is set to revolutionize how you drive. The first models are coming in the spring of 2022. You will become the very first people to test drive one.

The new BMW i4 electric models deliver an entirely new driver experience to Central PA BMW fans. Its BMW i4 eDrive40 reveal showed that it’s a complete package for those looking for a luxurious electric car.

The latest BMW i4 range allows you to travel for up 300 miles on one charge, allowing you to travel far and wide to the various electric vehicle charging stations close by. Buy a brand-new BMW i4 M50 electric vehicle, and you’ll be stunned by its 536 horsepower maximum. You can deposit your money now to reserve the 2022 BMW i4 in York, PA and be among the first in the car when the i4’s release date is set for the spring of 2022.

The BMW i4 is the first-ever BMW i4. It’s an electric car with a sleek design that will make you breathless. Based on the striking new look featured in the 2020 BMW 4 Series, the I4 is a familiar look but with a new function. It has exceptional acceleration, superb handling, advanced technology, and a stunning style; this electric BMW is at the forefront of technological advancement and thrilling driving.

BMW i4 FAQs for Pre-Order

1. What’s the i4 pre-order?

Customers can get the chance to purchase a brand new BMW i4 model by submitting a deposit of $1500 on Customers will be issued a confirmation number after completing the payment of $1,500 for delivery to their nearest participant BMW Centers. Initial deliveries will begin on March 20, 2022. Customers can cancel their Pre-Orders at any moment before the date of delivery.

2. How can I pre-order a BMW i4?

Customers can pre-order their product through the in three easy steps:

  • Choose your dealer
  • Select the i4 model you want to use (i4 M50 or eDrive40) and add it to your shopping cart
  • Choose the method you prefer for payment and then check out.
  • Customers will receive an email confirmation with a Confirmation Number. The chosen BMW Centre will contact the customer in the fall of 2021 to set up the vehicle and provide additional details about the delivery date.

3. Can the pre-order cost be refunded?

Yes, the pre-order cost of $1500 is entirely refundable. If a customer wants to cancel their pre-order, they must contact their preferred BMW Center and provide their order Confirmation Number contained in the confirmation Email they were sent.

4. When can I expect to receive the BMW i4?

The delivery for the BMW i4 starts in March 2022. The delivery time will depend on when the pre-order was placed and when the vehicle is fitted with the chosen BMW Centre in the fall of 2021. Configuration, trim, and options will affect the time to deliver the vehicle. BMW Center will provide delivery and time updates throughout the process.

If the customer makes an order before the deadline and is notified that delivery will be made “by June 30 2022,” the vehicle will be delivered by that date at the latest. If there is a delay, the BMW Centre will contact the customer to complete delivery as quickly as possible, unless the customer chooses to cancel the pre-order, which can be done at any time to receive the total amount of the down amount.

5. What does the customer find out whether the pre-order for i4 went through?

After placing an order by pre-paying for the BMW i4, customers will be sent an email with the confirmation number. If they did not get an email from BMW, they must contact the BMW Centre.

6. Which benefits do the BMW i4 qualify for?

Ownership of the first-ever BMW i4 may qualify customers for federal tax credits that can be as high as $7,500 in addition to incentives from the state, including tax credits, rebates, and grants. In 2022, the BMW iX has not yet been deemed credit-worthy by the IRS.

Other state incentives could also be available. Tax credits are often complicated and may change without notice. Even though BMW of North America, LLC will do its best to keep this information current but cannot ensure the exactness of your tax credit’s eligibility. We suggest consulting an expert tax advisor to confirm the credit’s availability and eligibility.

7. Where can the customer find the pre-order confirmation number?

When they pre-order the i4, the customers will receive an email containing confirmation numbers. If the customer did not receive the email, they must contact the selected BMW Centre.

8. An order can be made directly through a BMW Dealership outside of the program?

Orders not made via the Pre-Order program portal via are not fulfilled.
The Pre-Order Program will be available on the internet; BMW encourages all BMW Dealers to direct customers’ orders via the Pre-Order Portal online.

9. Dealership personnel can place an order on behalf of customers with the dealer’s name or credit card?

No. BMW NA will not honour any orders made in this way. All orders have to be made under the customer’s name, and the information is in line with it.

10. Who can order a car through the program Pre-Order?

The Pre-order Program is open only to residents of the United States who are 18 years old or older. It’s also accessible to corporations or businesses as long as the customer can prove ownership or employment of the relevant company or corporate entity on BMW of North America LLC’s demand.

11. What number of vehicles could a customer purchase?

The number of pre-orders available for the i4 is only available to:

  • Max. 2x pre-orders per home address
  • Max. 1 pre-order for each credit card.
  • Please note that only customers initiated pre-orders are accepted. Orders aren’t transferable or assigned to any other party. BMW NA reserves the right to cancel any pre-orders and return the deposit paid.

BMW i4 Pre-Order Numbers

BMW has two stunning EVs awaiting their arrival at dealerships, and they are the BMW i4 and iX. The first is a 4-door sedan with an open trunk, while the one that follows is a huge SUV that’s similar in size to BMW X5. BMW X5. Typically, SUVs and crossovers are the most popular cars for American buyers, but the rules appear to have been switched with both electric Bimmers in that they both received more pre-orders than the BMW i4 received more than two times the amount of pre-orders than was the BMW iX.

According to the i4Talk forum, 2o95 customers have pre-ordered a BMW i4 in the U.S. In contrast, there were only 952 iXs were ordered. With America’s SUV-centric customers, this is a little quite a surprise. There’s likely to be one primary reason for this. Cost.

As of right now, you can order both models of the BMW i4; the i4 40 and the i4 M50. The former is priced at $55,400, while the latter begins at $65,900. This means that even the fastest version of the i4 is somewhat less than its counterpart, the BMW iX.

For now, at least because BMW will only allow customers to pre-order the BMW IX xDrive50, which starts at $83,200. Indeed, it’s not the cheapest model, but BMW iX xDrive50 isn’t too expensive as its base cost is on par with that of the BMW X5 M50i while being more powerful and having higher-end technology. However, the i4’s cost is probably why its pre-orders grew by more than the iX.

According to i4Talk, the proportion of pre-orders increases from 4:1 to 4 for the i4 in the western states. This isn’t a surprise since eastern states are more likely to purchase all-wheel drive cars for harsh winter conditions.

Naturally, this amount of pre-orders pales compared to the Tesla Model 3, which saw many thousands of orders more quickly than the actual vehicle could reach 60 miles per hour. But it’s a positive indicator of the new i4. BMW’s customers are a traditional group and used to driving gas-powered Bimmers for a long time, so convincing them to change to electric power isn’t the simplest of jobs.

In just one month, BMW received more than 2000 pre-orders of the model, which translates to a pleasant, healthy and healthy rate for the BMW brand. The i4’s sales are expected to increase once the cars are sold in dealerships.

If buyers can purchase the BMW i4 40, which offers similar performance and power as a BMW M340i but with a more attractive design (arguably) and the most advanced powertrain at a roughly the exact cost, it is likely to be able to alter the opinions of some.

People Also Ask:

How many BMW i4 have been pre ordered?

According to the i4Talk Forum, 2,095 customers have pre-ordered the BMW i4 in the U.S. In contrast, only 952 iXs had been pre-ordered. With America’s SUV-centric customers, it’s a bit shocking.

How much is it to pre-order a BMW i4?

Yes, the pre-order cost of $1500 is entirely refundable. If you want to cancel your order, contact your chosen BMW Center and provide your confirmation number for your pre-order in the confirmation email.

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