Mercedes Benz B Class Range

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Mercedes Benz B Class Range

Topic: Mercedes Benz B Class Range

Mercedes Benz B Class Range
Mercedes Benz B Class Range

Mercedes Benz B Class Range

It’s rare to hear the phrases “green” and “utility” used together unless the conversation refers to the 2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e.

A straightforward explanation exists for the placement of these two items next to each other. In other words, this small electric vehicle (EV) has a zero-emissions motor and a roomy interior that can accommodate four passengers or a large amount of baggage.

In the B250e (formerly referred to as the B-Class Electric), the electric motor is 132 kilowatts and is fuelled by a battery pack of 28 kWh. The 84-mile operating range is reasonable, but it isn’t much different from many other electric vehicles.

A typical 110-volt wall outlet can recharge this battery pack in 30 hours, whereas a dedicated 240-volt charging station can recharge it in 3.5 hours. The B250e’s acceleration is excellent, despite the car’s roughly 4,000-pound weight.

Headroom and legroom are plentiful throughout the five-passenger cabin, but the backseat’s centre position is only ideal for children under the age of ten. Due to the battery pack’s location beneath the floor of the B250e’s cargo area, the floor is flat.

The B250e has a few unexpected drawbacks for a Mercedes-badged vehicle, including hard-plastic dashboard trim and relatively harsh seats. Many of the features you’d expect to be included as standard are available as options. When it comes to the B-Class, it’s clear that it’s a simple utility vehicle in Europe, even with an EV drivetrain.

There are plenty of other electric vehicles to select from, even though the Mercedes B250e’s utility puts it apart from the rest of the EV pack except for the Ford C-Max Energy. Its four-door versatility, beautiful interior, cutting-edge carbon-fibre construction, and exceptional efficiency and performance make the futuristic BMW i3 a favourite of ours.

The Volkswagen e-Golf has similar interior space and driving dynamics to the Volkswagen e-Golf. Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf are two mainstream options that offer many advantages at lower prices.

However, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric offers a more excellent balance of environmental friendliness and friendly in-town practicality than any other vehicle on the market, and the package drives exceptionally well.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e comes standard with antilock disc brakes, stability and traction control, front-seat side-impact airbags, side curtain airbags, a driver-side knee airbag, active front head restraints, forward collision warning and mitigation including automated braking, and a tired driver warning system.

Automatic collision notification, roadside assistance, and stolen car location are all included in the basic Mbrace package. Optional features include a rearview camera and a blind-spot monitor.

A B250e tested by Edmunds took an extra few feet to come to a halt from 60 mph, taking 130 feet instead of the usual 130 feet.

Experimentation and evaluation by Edmunds’ experts


2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e demonstrates typical electric car qualities such as quick acceleration from a standstill that is even more amazing considering its 3,900-pound curb weight.

ou may fine-tune the car’s performance by switching between the various driving modes and brake regeneration settings offered. People or freight can be transported at total capacity.

Adjustable regenerative braking can be managed manually using the three-position paddle shifters positioned on the steering wheel. It can be left in the radar-based utterly autonomous mode, which detects the traffic in front of you and adjusts its appropriate amount of regeneration for conditions.

To top it all off, there’s no weird surging sensation associated with regenerative braking systems.

The car’s short-travel suspension creates a challenging ride that might get tiresome after a short period of driving. While this isn’t a problem for short trips, we’d expect more from a vehicle of this calibre. This utility vehicle has a refined driving experience, but it also reminds you that utility is still the driving message, even if you don’t notice it at first.


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e’s cabin features enough headroom for those who aren’t particularly tall. There’s also enough rear-seat legroom for adults, which isn’t true of many compact electric vehicles. We found the seats to be a little too hard, and this might help you appreciate the fact that this car only has an 80-mile range per charge.

As you’d expect from such a high-end brand, the luxurious Mercedes-Benz passenger compartment is impressively silent. Although the preponderance of rigid plastics is discouraging, leather upholstery and genuine wood trim are available as alternatives.

Instead of being meticulously integrated into the design, the screen for COMAND is a last-minute “where can we put this?” addition to the dashboard. The large load area behind the rear seats, at 21.6 cubic feet, is one of the car’s best features. It’s possible to gain an additional 51.4 cubic feet of cargo space by folding the rear seatbacks.

Mercedes Benz B Class Range

The Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive was a forgotten electric automobile.

“What’s that?” you may wonder.

The B-Class mini-MPV from Mercedes features a 28kWh battery pack and is the company’s first mass-market electric car. It was as practical as a conventional B-Class thanks to a co-developed powertrain from Tesla (later on) and a high-tech frame. Ingenious, to put it mildly. The first vehicles were delivered to customers in the UK in late 2014, and availability began later that year.

The question is, when and how did it happen?

The Electric Drive, known as the B250e, had a 28-kWh (usable) lithium-ion battery, although it was exceedingly efficient. If you could find a public charger, you could charge the Mercedes in as little as three hours rather than the nine hours it would take using a conventional residential plug.

A “Range Plus” button on the dashboard allows drivers to extend their range for longer journeys. It allowed the vehicle’s battery to be freed up to an additional 20 miles of range when used sparingly. Mercedes has advised that excessive use of this technology could reduce the battery’s lifespan.

The Range Plus button was featured in the Energy Assist Pack available in the UK. The adaptive energy recovery technology, which used front-facing radar to adjust the amount of regen based on traffic and road conditions, was another central selling point. It was an excellent buy, at £945. Electric vehicles can come with this feature, but it’s not standard on most of them.

The amount of regen can also be adjusted manually using the steering wheel paddles. The Pack’s air conditioning usage was lowered thanks to the vehicle’s privacy glass, heated windshield, and door and window insulation.

Is it fast?

It isn’t precisely fast, but it was still remarkably fast for three seconds. The 178bhp and quick 251lb-ft of torque generated by the single electric engine equated to a 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds. In Sport mode, the front tyres would light up whenever you neared the throttle, and I drove one of those myself in 2014. The vehicle reached a top speed of around 100 mph.

There were two different modes of operation for the Electric Drive, Economic and Economic Plus, which could be selected. The B’s maximum power was 131 bhp in Economy mode and 87 bhp in Economy Plus mode, with a peak speed of 70 mph.

Was it a fair price?

The experience wasn’t bad at all. After receiving a significant government grant of £5,000, a B-Class electric vehicle sold in the UK for a total of $26,950 in 2014, compared to under $3,000 today.

The same as a B220 turbodiesel. At the time, the more advanced BMW i3 (or £29,130 with the optional range extender) cost £25,980 (or £29,130 with the optional range extender). A used one costs about £15,000 in the UK. Even now, there are only a few of them.

What do you know about it that’s noteworthy?

The B-Class Electric Drive’s drivetrain was developed by Tesla. I’m serious. (Have you ever wondered why the Model S incorporates some Mercedes switchgear? This is all you need to know about Germany’s 2009 acquisition of a 10% share in the company for approximately $50 million.

Reducing its stake in the company to 4%, Daimler sold all of its remaining shares for $780 million in 2014. On the other hand, Daimler could have made a fortune on the acquisition if it held onto its shares until 2021.

The German automaker presently makes which electric vehicle models?

It was introduced in 2019 and is now available for purchase as the EQC, a reimagined version of the GLC. The EQV, an all-electric variant of the V-Class minibus/MPV, is also an option. Even though the EQA was recently unveiled and will soon be available to the public, it is the most anticipated model of the firm, as it will be its first-ever production vehicle.

Is there anything we can do better next time?

The Electric Drive was reasonably priced for a vehicle of its calibre when compared to comparable B-Classes at the time. Despite this, it was a well-made product, lacking calm and affordability. Be mindful that in 2015, the world was a very different place, and the broad adoption of electric vehicles did not have the same sense of urgency as it does today.

We discovered that it was possible to build a high-quality electric vehicle on a basis shared with regular gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle, providing it wasn’t an afterthought (ahem, Ford Focus Electric).

People Also Ask:

What is the range on Mercedes B-Class?

While Mercedes has sold its stake in Tesla after our test drive, the B-Class Electric Drive has a claimed range of 124 miles and will not be offered with a battery renting plan. It was co-developed with Tesla.

Mercedes Benz b class range extender?

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive range can be increased by 17 miles by purchasing an add-on package for $600. If used correctly, it is an excellent alternative.

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