Commercial Solar Installation Costs

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Commercial Solar Installation Costs

Topic: Commercial Solar Installation Costs

Commercial Solar Installation Costs
Commercial Solar Installation Costs

Commercial Solar Installation Costs

Cost of Solar Panels

Install solar panels cost between $10,626 to $26,460 (after tax credits) for a 6kW to 12kW system that can power a whole house. Solar energy saves $600 to $2,000 per year on electricity bills, with a payback period of 7 to 12 years on average.

Solar panels typically last 50 years, come with a 25-year warranty, and start paying off after 8 years. Throughout their lives, solar panels provide electricity at a cost that is roughly 30% less than that of utility power. Solar panels can save you anywhere from $10,000 to over $30,000 over 20 years, depending on your location and the cost of electricity.


  • $16,168 is the national average cost.
  • $3,500 is the minimum cost.
  • $35,000 is the maximum cost.
  • The average salary ranges from $10,626 to $26,460.

Use the solar calculators below to determine your overall expenses based on your location and current energy use, or contact solar contractors in your area for free estimates. We’ll also show you how much money you’ll save if you go solar.

I’m not sure how many solar panels I’ll need.

The average household consumes 11,000 kWh per year, which necessitates the installation of 26 to 33 solar panels to power the entire house. One solar thermal panel generates enough energy to operate a four-person water heater. The number of panels required is determined by your location and the size of your roof.

In most states, the solar production ratio is 1.3 to 1.6, which means an 8kW system produces 30% extra energy or 10,600 kWh per year on average. Look at your annual kWh (kilowatt-hours) usage on your power bills to figure out how many solar panels you’ll need.

Consider where you live when calculating how many solar panels you’ll need to power your home. In areas with less sunlight, larger systems are required to meet 100% of the energy needs.

Take the number written in your shaded region on the map below and multiply it by the approximate size of your system in kW. To account for inefficiencies and energy conversion losses, multiply this value by 0.78.

Let’s assume you live in Texas and have a 1700-point score, and you think you’ll require an 8-kW system. This algorithm calculates an accurate estimate of how much power (kWh) your 8 kW system will generate each year.

Cost of a Solar Panel Per Watt

Before any tax credits or incentives, residential solar panels cost $2.53 to $3.15 per watt, with most homeowners spending $2.70 per watt on average. On average, commercial solar costs $1.83 per watt. Solar panels are rated depending on the amount of power they produce annually under normal conditions.

Cost of solar energy per kWh

Solar energy costs $0.08 to $0.10 per kWh on average for residential customers and $0.06 to $0.08 per kilowatt-hour for commercial or utility-scale customers. Prices include the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) and vary greatly depending on the quantity of sunlight available and the type of solar panels used.

Solar Panels Per Square Foot Price

Solar panels cost between $4 and $10 per square foot to power your home. On the other hand, most installers estimate solar costs based on the quantity of energy required, which range from $2.53 to $3.15 per watt before any tax credits or incentives.

Costs of Installing Solar Panels by Brand

Total installation prices for 6kW and 10kW household solar systems, including the 30% tax credit, are listed below by brand. Most solar manufacturers have similar prices; however, the amount you pay is usually based on the quality of the panels.

How much does a solar panel set you back?

A 150- to 300-watt solar panel costs on average $112 to $450, or $0.75 to $1.50 per watt, depending on the type, energy-efficiency rating, and size. Solar companies that buy in bulk pay $0.75 per watt, whereas homeowners pay $1 per watt.

Solar panels are typically sold in bulk to local contractors at wholesale costs. Hiring a solar installation will help you save a lot of money on your equipment. These prices are for the panels alone; inverters, batteries, mounting hardware, wiring, and other installation costs are not included.

Cost of a Solar Panel Lease

The average monthly cost of a solar panel lease is $100, with most people spending between $50 and $250 per month based on their location and energy consumption. With little to no down payment, leasing solar panels is a cost-effective way to save $50 to $100 a month on your electricity expenses.

Solar leasing businesses cover the installation and maintenance costs for your contract term. If you decide to relocate, be prepared to pay additional fees to terminate your lease because transferring the lease to another buyer can be complicated.

The monthly cost of minor grid-tied connection costs is less than $10 per month if you own your solar system outright and generate 100% of your power. Aside from routine maintenance, an off-grid system has no monthly fees.

Cost of a Tesla Solar Roof

The solar roof tiles, a Powerwall, roof and site repairs, and complete system installation cost $22 to $45 per square foot for a Tesla solar roof. $39,600 to $81,000 might be spent on a 9.45 kW solar system placed on a 1,800 square foot roof.

Solar shingles might cost up to $8,000 more than typical PV solar panels when installed on a new roof. Glass-faced solar shingles look like a tiled roof and cover more surface area than installed PV panels, allowing more sunlight to reach the roof.

Solar tiles have a lower efficiency rating when it comes to producing power. Because their design leaves little area for ventilation, they may not last as long as PV panels. This might lead to overheating.

Cost of a Commercial Solar Panel

Before any tax subsidies or incentives, a commercial solar panel system ranging from 10 kW to 2 MW costs $1.83 per watt. Fixed-tilt or one-axis tracking utility-scale systems with a capacity of more than 2 MW cost on average $1.06 per watt.

For small and mid-sized organisations, commercial solar installation costs range from $43,000 for a 25 kW system to $175,000 for a 100 kW system. Through tax credits and rebate schemes, businesses can recoup around 45 per cent of the cost of solar panels in the first year.

Commercial Solar Installation Costs

Installing solar panels can be expensive for a variety of reasons.

The cost of converting a home to solar power is determined by several factors, including your location, energy needs, solar panel type, inverter and equipment options, permits, inspection, tax credits, and labour costs.

Calculate a cost-benefit analysis for solar PV installation using the national averages in the table below.

Solar Panel Installation Labour Costs

Installing solar panels costs $0.27 per watt on average or around 15% of the overall cost of your system. Before using the 30% federal solar incentive, a conventional 6 kW system with 20 to 25 panels costs roughly $1,600 in solar installation labour.

Labour expenses will rise if your property has numerous storeys, skylights, dormers, or a troublesome 45° roof pitch. Contractors may need to create a custom system to ensure that the panels receive enough sunshine to function correctly.


“How much do commercial solar panels cost? Every one of our customers asks us this question right away. Of course, the size of the system, the type of equipment, and your electricity usage all play a role. Several factors determine the cost of commercial solar panels for businesses.

The system’s size. In terms of energy supply, a tiny boutique shop and a shipping warehouse will have entirely different needs, which is why the size of your solar array will be one of the essential elements in your installation cost.

The type of gear. The black panels on the roof aren’t all the same. Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels are the three types of solar panels we offer. Each material composition impacts its efficiency, cost, and overall appearance. Our team is delighted to assist you in selecting the appropriate type of solar panel for your company’s needs.

Your electricity use. This is related to the size of your firm, as a larger facility would require more energy. However, the electricity rates in your area are also determined by your location. According to 2019 data from the US Energy Information Administration, the national average is around 11 cents per kilowatt-hour.


The size of your system will be determined by the amount of roof space available, the amount of electricity used, and your financial objectives. The overall cost of your system will rise when systems expand to more significant sizes with additional panels, owing to the following factors:

Do You Need a Lot of Solar Panels?

The more solar panels you need, the larger your facility and, as a result, your total energy consumption will be. You can figure out how many you’ll need by calculating your business’s hourly energy demand by your region’s peak sunlight hours and dividing by the wattage of a panel.

What Kind Of Mounting Infrastructure Does do You Need For Your Installation? There are a variety of solar mounting choices available, as well as cabling, and the cost of this equipment will influence the entire cost of your installation.

How much of your energy use do you want to come from solar?

You’ll have to decide whether getting solar for your business merely means minimising your reliance on the power grid or using solar as your primary source of energy. If it’s the latter, you’ll want to think about solar batteries and a generator backup to keep the lights on during outages or crises.

What is the energy efficiency of your current structure/organisation? Every company has to be able to count on a reliable energy source. At the same time, every electrical item, from lights to HVAC to machinery or electricity-powered equipment, need its share of energy. That is why your building’s energy efficiency is essential, especially if you want to use solar energy as your sole energy source.

People Also Ask:

How much do solar panels cost to install and maintain?

It costs between $140 and $180 to maintain a solar panel system on a national level. However, warranties cover the cost of many services. Annual inspections are the most common service you’ll require and typically cost $150 in the United States.

Why is solar installation so expensive?

To explain why solar panels are so pricey, there are two key factors: The cost of the equipment is the first consideration. To make it, you’ll need high-grade silicon solar panels and lithium solar batteries, both of which are expensive raw materials.

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?

About 45 days after submitting a signed contract are required in California to become solar. While this may seem like a lengthy period, if you have excellent project communication and experienced installation partners, it is well worth the effort and time.

It’s Never Been Cheaper to Install Commercial Solar Panels

The cost of installing solar panels on a commercial building has dropped dramatically in recent years. It has been estimated that from 1998, the installation cost of solar panels has decreased by 6 per cent to 12 per cent a year, with the most significant reductions occurring after 2009.

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