Audi e tron Brochure

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Audi e tron Brochure

Topic: Audi e tron Brochure

Audi e tron Brochure
Audi e tron Brochure

Audi e tron Brochure

Electric mobility: The power of electric motors

Audi vehicles are fully electric powered by electric power. They have plug-in and fast charging convenience, advanced energy recovery while driving, and zero-emission. An electrified Audi can take you to smarter driving with advanced batteries and forward-thinking navigation systems that integrate charging into your journey. The name Audi e-Tron has become synonymous with electric mobility.

Electricity is the future.

Evolution is the result of progress. The Audi e-Tron is at the top of this evolution. This isn’t just about. Another car, it’s a beginning of a new age – the era of electricity. It’s a car for the future, from the future.


Performer of electrifying power: The Audi etron offers a unique driving experience thanks to its two dynamic electric motors at the front and back. The electric SUV promises a thrilling driving experience thanks to its progressive steering system and electric all-wheel driving system, ensuring optimal traction and handling in all driving conditions. This Audi is unlike any other Audi.

Audi e-tron Sportback 55

  1. Electric Power 300 kW/408 HP#
  2. Torque 664 Nm#
  3. Acceleration 5.7 sec# (0 – 100 km/h).
  4. Range (WLTP combined* 359-484 km
  5. Battery 95 kWh

Performance Features

Rear and Front Electric Motors: Two electric motors power the rear and front means.

Thee-Tron is a vehicle that delivers effortless power. The Audi etron 55’s electric boost provides an acceleration boost and can be activated by activating the kick-down pedal in Dynamic mode or S mode.

The progressive Steering System is a standard feature on the Audi etron. It enhances handling dynamics as well as ride comfort. This system improves the Audi E-Tron’s responsiveness in urban areas for easier parking and maneuvering. It also reduces steering effort, making it more agile and precise on open roads.

Quattro permanent all-wheel drive: Electric is the future of Quattro. As standard, the Audi e-Tron comes with a fully adjustable Quattro motor. The electric drive can also be used in conjunction with it.

It ensures that the drive forces are distributed quickly to each wheel. The Audi E-Tron’s Quattro drives excel in driving dynamics, safety, and efficiency.

Audi Drive Select: The Audi Drive Select comes preloaded with 7 modes that allow you to modify the vehicle’s characteristics, such as the steering assistance and engine characteristics.

Adaptive Air Suspension: The adaptive air suspension system adjusts the body’s height to suit the vehicle’s speed and driver’s requests. The Audi e-Tron can adjust its ground clearance intuitively, resulting in supreme ride comfort and sporty handling.

Body Style

Each Audi e-tron Sportback and Audi e-tron are unique.

  • Audi etron: A handsome, wide SUV with a straight roof.
  • Audi etron Sportback: A sporty SUV with a strong, sloping roof.


Elegantly electric: The Audi e-Tron comes straight from the future. Its unique design aesthetic is defining, from the single-frame grille in platinum grey to the modern taillights. The Audi E-Tron’s four horizontal struts are integrated into the standard Matrix LED Headlights to add to its sleek road presence. Its progressive, dynamic design ensures it turns heads wherever they go.

Exterior Features

Digital MatrixLED Headlights: The Audi Digital MatrixLED Headlights are built on cutting-edge digital micromirror technology. This breakthrough technology allows for adaptive light distribution and light assistance by directly projecting high-resolution light images. The light’s orientation is automatically adjusted, dimming or lighting the road ahead according to the need. You can also choose from 5 preset projection modes on the Audi E-Tron’s top MMI display.

Door Entrance LED Projector Lighting In Rear and Front: This simple but elegant feature projects the etron logo onto the ground using LED technology whenever you open the side doors.

Panoramic Glass Sunroof: The electronically controlled panoramic glass sunroof provides a clear, beautiful view of the sky and blends in with the car’s aesthetic.

Orange Brake Callipers: Brake calipers in vibrant orange to represent the high-voltage technology found in the Audi etron.

Acoustic Sound Generator: The system produces a futuristic sound when the Audi etron is in reverse or drive. External speakers enable the system to produce this sound, making pedestrians safer.

Comfort Key with Gesture-based Operation: The Audi e-Tron can now be unlocked using the comfort key. Carry the comfort key, and your vehicle will be unlocked. A simple gesture with your foot can easily open and close your Audi etron’s boot lid when your hands are full.

Audi e tron Brochure PDF- Click Here

E tron Trim Levels

There are few all-electric SUVs on the market, so your options are limited. The ones that do exist are decent. The 2022 Audi e-Tron certainly is one of these vehicles. The standard etron delivers a great performance. It has an attractive interior design, lots of premium features, and exudes luxury.

You can also choose the sportier S model if you prefer something more sporty. Three motors, totaling 429 horsepower, power the all-wheel-drive SUV. Temporarily, this can be increased to 496 horsepower. The S model may be capable of going from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds with launch control. It’s not hard to admire the 5.5 seconds the base 355-hp model can achieve. The S model is not going to be left behind by a Tesla.

The only problem with the etron is its range. Thee-Tron has a range of 222 miles, so it is suitable for daily commuters but not for long distances. Thee-Tron falls short of industry standards. Tesla sets some very high standards. These rivals can get as much as 250 miles per charge. It seems the etron’s estimates can be matched with real-world driving.

Thee-Tron can be charged at home quickly. The etron has a 9.6-kW battery that can be matched with a NEMA 14-50 cord. Using the Electrify America DC fast-charging network, it will take less than 15 minutes to charge the car at 150-kW.

While many competitors are, the e-Tron is the best because of its strikingly European interior design and European feel. Thee-Tron is a beautiful vehicle. It has a strong sense of luxury and a long list of standard safety features and infotainment options. Which of the three trims offers the greatest value?

We will be comparing the three trim levels of the 2022 Audi e-Tron: the Premium, Premium Plus, and the Chronos edition. This is to assist you in making a better buying decision. Which one is right for you? It’s time to find out.

Compare 2022 Audi etron Premium vs. Premium PLUS Trims. What’s the difference?

The Premium trim level is the first in the 2022 Audi e-Tron line-up. The Premium trim level is followed by the Premium Plus, which is mid-tier. Both trim levels have a standard twin-electric motor that can produce 402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque when boost is engaged. These vehicles can reach speeds of up to 124 mph and accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. When properly equipped, the maximum towing capacity is 4,000 pounds. Also included is a 95 kWh lithium-ion battery. Audi calls this Quattro system. It uses a single-speed auto transmission to direct power to all four wheels.

The steering system uses an electromechanical progressive steering system with a steering ratio of 15.9:1. The curb to curb turning distance is even 40.0 feet. The etron has a front five-link suspension with adaptive air suspension and a rear five-link suspension with adaptive air suspension. Orange brake calipers are also available to add sportiness to your e-Tron.

Audi offers a battery warranty of 8 years/100,000-miles. The charging port can be found on the driver’s front fender. A secondary port can be found on the passenger’s front fender. This port is AC only. It takes approximately 10.5 hours to charge from 0-100% with AC 9.6kW. This will give you 222 miles of all-electric range. The Premium Plus has an additional charging port located on the right side of your e-Tron.

Let’s now discuss exterior features. The Premium rides on 20-inch 5-spoke turbine wheels in bi-color. You can adjust the adaptive air suspension’s ride height and comfort settings. The power liftgate allows you to load and unload cargo easily with hands-free operation. Because of its flat load floor, the cargo area is spacious and easy to load. The cargo hold is located under the hood. This allows for additional storage space if you require it.

The power-operated panoramic sunroof can be found on the top of your vehicle. It lets in more light and, when needed, allows for greater airflow. The sunroof doesn’t reduce the headspace for tall rear-seat occupants. High-beam assist LED headlights are available at the front. You also get LED daytime running lights, taillights, and dynamic rear indicators. The Premium Plus adds more with digital matrix-design LED headlights and dynamic turn signals. There is also a wide range of LED taillights with an animation function.

The cabin has several extremely comfortable seats, both fore, and aft. Premium models have heated front seats that can be power adjusted eight ways. They also come with a driver 4-way power lumbar and driver memory. Standard is leather upholstery. Premium Plus includes eight-way power-adjustable front chairs that can be heated and ventilated. They also come with 4-way power lumbar support and driver memories. The digital instrumentation display is located upfront. You can slide behind the power-adjustable (and – bonus– heated) steering wheels. Multiple controls are mounted to the steering wheel, making it easier to access volume, audio, and cruise control. The cabin is controlled by a four-zone climate control system that distributes air evenly throughout the cabin and keeps it at the desired temperature.

The cabin of the etron Premium features LED interior lighting. However, the Premium Plus allows you to customize how your ambient interior lighting should look. The standard issue is the MMI 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen model. It is among the most user-friendly on the market. The screen is very easy to read and doesn’t emit a lot of glare. Standard smartphone app integration is available through both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

On Premium Plus, a 10-speaker sound system is included. But, on the Premium Plus, you can rock out to the 16 speaker Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System. This system produces concert-like sound quality throughout your cabin. The infotainment system includes navigation, and voice controls can be used to program your route. Voice controls can correctly recognize and understand natural speech patterns and commands. Premium Plus adds wireless phone charging and an integrated signal booster.

Thee-Tron is equipped with a wide range of driver aids by Audi. The list includes forward collision mitigation, blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, rear cross-traffic alarm, parking sensors front and rear, and lane departure warning. The Premium Plus also includes a traffic sign recognition that notifies the driver of any new signs, including posted speed limits signs and stops signs.

There are a few options for the Premium. The Towing package, which increases your maximum towing capacity to 4,000 pounds, outfits the etron with a seven-pin tow connector and a trailer hitch.

You can also choose the Convenience Package on the Premium trim level. This package is standard on Premium Plus. The Convenience Package includes the etron’s black-painted exterior styling elements, automatic rear braking, and a 360-degree surround-view camera system. It also provides turning assistance, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, emergency assist, and lane-keep assist.

If you’d like the Towing Package, you can still choose the Premium Plus. The Black Optic Package is also available, which includes orange brake calipers. You will also find special black-painted exterior styling cues and 21-inch black-painted wheels.

Compare the 2022 Audi e-Tron premium Plus vs. Chronos edition. What’s the difference?

The Chronos Edition replaces the Prestige trim level from last year, which was the top-of-the-line for the etron. The Chronos edition doesn’t change anything, and it just gives the Prestige an updated name. It upgrades the headlight design and makes the Black Optic package a standard. A dual-pane acoustic design keeps the cabin cool and quiet. The head-up display displays important information on your windshield right before you. There is also extended leather on the dash and seats.

You can massage the front seats from the upper deck. Rear windows have their sunshades. Upgraded soft close doors will catch when you close them before gently pulling them closed. Intersection assist will alert you to traffic at the intersection.

Compare the 2022 Audi etron S Premium Plus vs. S Prestige Trim. What’s the difference?

We’ll be focusing on the standard etron so let’s also discuss the S models. They are slightly more powerful than the standard etron. AS WE HAVE ALREADY STATED, the S models include an extra rear-mounted electric motor. They have a combined power output of 429 hp and 596 lb-ft. The numbers rise temporarily to 496 horsepower and 717 lb-ft of torque when boost is activated.

The S Premium Plus has the same equipment as the regular Premium Plus. However, it does offer a few additional options. You can choose the Individual Contour Seat Package, which provides ventilation and massage functions to the front seats. You can also get premium leather upholstery. Black Optic 21-inch wheels are available in a variety of colors. It includes black roof rails, ambient lighting, and exterior styling cues. A Towing package is available with a 3,300-pound maximum towing capacity.

For a more quiet ride inside the cabin, the S Prestige includes dual-pane glass. You also get the head-up display and soft-close doors. There is also intersection assist. Ambient lighting can be configured for rear windows. The S Prestige comes with upgraded headlights, 22-inch wheels, black Optics, towing, and individual contour packages.

Which Trimming to Choose?

The 2022 Audi etron is a modern and stylish vehicle designed to reduce our carbon footprint on the beautiful green planet. Although 222 miles of pure electricity may not sound like much compared to some of its rivals, the Audi e-Tron is fast to charge, which helps offset the lower electric mileage.

Thee-Tron is a pleasant ride overall. Thee-Tron Premium Plus offers the best value for money. This adds an extra motor to give you better acceleration. The Premium Plus has enough additional features to make the price worth it. The Chronos Edition/Prestige doesn’t have enough features to justify the higher price. The S Premium Plus is an excellent middle-of-the-road option for average buyers in this market.

People Also Ask:

What are the key specs of Audi e-trons?

The Automatic transmission option is available for e-Tron. It can also be ordered in electric fuel type.

What is the seating capacity of the Audi e-Tron?

Thee-Tron can accommodate 5 passengers, including the driver.

What does the Audi brochure include?

The Audi etron brochure contains all of the specifications and features for all versions of the etron. The brochure also lists the available color options for the car.

E-tron Trim Packages:


The 2022 Audi E-Tron(r), powered by a twin electric motor, can reach speeds of 124 MPH while accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds.

MSRP: Starting at $65,900

Range: 222 mi (EPA est.)

The Key Features

The premium trim of the 2022 E-Tron(r) is one of the many features you will find.

  • Comfort adaptive air suspension
  • High beam assist LED headlights in full-LED form.
  • 20-in. 20-in.
  • All-season tires
  • Aluminum roof rails
  • Rear tailgate spoiler
  • Power tailgate
  • Panoramic power sunroof
  • Package of LED interior lighting
  • Audi virtual cockpit plus
  • Inlays of dark brown walnut wood
  • Multifunction heated steering wheel, four-spoke design with recuperation paddles, and hands-on detection
  • Rearview mirror auto-dimming with digital compass, integrated toll module(r), and rearview mirror auto-dimming with the interior.
  • Four-zone automatic climate control system
  • Leather seats
  • Heated front seats
  • MMI(r), Navigation plus touch response
  • Preparation of Bluetooth(r), wireless technology for mobile phones
  • SiriusXM (r) All Access (trial).
  • Audi connect(r) PRIME and Audi connect(r) PLUS online services
  • Audi sound system
  • Audi pre sense(r), front, basic, and rear
  • Parking system plus
  • Lane departure warning
  • Audi side assistance with rear cross-traffic aid and vehicle exit warning
  • Rearview camera

Premium Plus

The 2022 Audi E-Tron(r) Premium Plus features striking exterior lights with an interesting design element.

MSRP: Starting at $74,800

Range: 222 mi (EPA est.)

The Key Features

Enjoy Premium trim features in addition to:

  • LED Headlights with Digital Matrix Design, Interactive Signal Lights, and Full LED Backlights with Animation
  • Audi adaptive cruise assistance with turn assist, efficiency assist
  • Ambient interior lighting package
  • Eight-way power heated and ventilated front seats, with 4-way power lumbar and driving recollection.
  • Bang & Olufsen (r) premium sound system in 3D

Chronos Edition

The 2022 Audi E-Tron(r), Chronos Gray exterior color option is available. The 2022 Audi E-Tron(r) Chronos edition adds sporty details to the lineup and exudes a sportier attitude.

MSRP: Starting at $83,400

Range: U222 mi (EPA est.)

The Key Features

You will also find the following trim features in Premium Plus:

  • Exterior package with S line(r).
  • Black Optic exterior kit
    • Singleframe(r) grille
    • Roof rails
    • Window surrounds
    • Front and rear bumpers
  • 21-in. 21-in.
  • Individual contour front seats with heating, ventilation, and massage.
  • Assist with intersection

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