BMW i4 Review

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BMW i4 Review

Topic: BMW i4 Review

BMW i4 Review
BMW i4 Review

BMW i4 Review

BMW isn’t brand new to electric vehicles (see the cute I3 for evidence), and the 2022 I4 sedan enhances the range of EVs offered by the company. It is based on the Bavarian automaker’s most well-known model called the 3-series; the i4 is a four-door with a low profile similar to the similar-sized 4 series Gran Coupe.

It competes with the Polestar 2 and the Tesla Model 3 . The eDrive40 variant includes a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 335 horsepower. Meanwhile, the M50 has a front-mounted engine that produces 536 horsepower.

Both models come with an 80.7-kWh battery, unlike the rear-drive version, which offers an estimated driving range of about 300 miles. The all-wheel-drive i4 comes with 245 miles of range.

BMW i4: Pros

  • Fantastic acceleration, especially with the M50 model.
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Excellent interior quality that one would like to see from BMW
  • A long list of features that are available as standard or optional

BMW i4: Cons

  • The overly sensitive regenerative braking system
  • More boring to drive than rivals and gasoline-powered BMW models

What’s new?

  • A brand new electric BMW sedan.
  • The EPA estimates a range of 301 miles for the eDrive40 version.
  • The M50 version has up to 536 horsepower, and can reach the M50 version can go from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds.
  • One of the first generations of i4 was introduced in 2022.

Its 2022 BMW i4 is a perfect fit for BMW’s tradition of producing small luxury sports cars. The only difference is that there’s an engine that isn’t gasoline-powered.

The i4 is entirely electric. The new i4 looks like its predecessor, the 4 Series Gran Coupe, in its exterior design, mainly because BMW intends to keep its existing customers intrigued. The i4’s structure, electronics, suspension, and design are almost entirely new.

This is the result: a car made by BMW aimed toward Tesla’s Model 3. It’s roughly the same size as Model 3 in size Model 3 and offers similar performance and range across the two models.

It’s also equipped with a comprehensive infotainment system, excellent smartphone connectivity, and an extravagant interior design. You’ll have the perfect recipe for a top Tesla combat vehicle.

There’s been quite a long wait for BMW’s electric vehicle of the future. We’re still awestruck by the now-defunct i3 hatchback; however, the i4 is much more widely used in its appeal.

The power available from the i4 is awe-inspiring for the top trims. EPA estimates for the range are sufficient for less powerful models, offering BMW customers the option of functionality and power. This is the electric vehicle for traditional BMW customers.

They prefer sports sedans as long as they believe it’s fair to drop a straight-six engine and get the responsiveness of an electric drivetrain in terms of silence, quiet, lower operating costs and protection for the environment.

Overall, we’re thrilled by the brand new 2022 BMW i4. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle with a luxurious interior and performance worthy of an authentic sports car, it’s worth looking into.

BMW i4: Pricing and Which One to Buy

eDrive40- $56,395

M50- $66,895

We recommend the M50’s higher performance over the cheaper and less powerful eDrive 40. The M-badged model is available with a more robust appearance which includes 19-inch wheels. It also features an upgraded suspension tuned for sport and brakes that feature blue brake callipers.

We like the style of the 20-inch rims and the better performance of their larger sticky tires, but they reduce the M50’s driving range from 270 miles to 227 miles.

Instead, we’d like to enhance the interior by adding one of the leather options, or the Premium Package (ambient interior lighting as well as heated seats and the steering wheel, as well as Lumbar support) and more individual options like the LED headlights with adaptive lighting and ventilated front seats. Harman Kardon sound system and wireless charging.

BMW i4: EV Motor, Power, and Performance

According to the model, the 2022 i4 supplies electrons to two or one electric motor. The eDrive40 includes a single electric motor located on the rear axle, producing 335 horsepower.

The M50 comes with two electric motors on the axles that offer all-wheel drive. It produces 536 horsepower as well as 586 pounds-feet. The M50 test vehicle clocked 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds faster than a rear-drive M3 competition.

The rear-drive i4 is mounted on standard 18-inch rims, while 19-inches are available. In contrast, the all-wheel-drive M50 comes in the 20s or 19s and features adjustable dampers and a variable-ratio steering system.

We had an immediate and tremendous push from the i4 M50 we were driving. Even though it weighs a lot higher than the M3, the lower weight lets it move smoothly and effortlessly.

BMW i4: Range, Charging, and Battery Life

BMW states that the single-motor rear-drive i4 eDrive40 can go up to 300 miles with a fully charged battery. The similar 80.7-kWh battery powers the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive M50.

However, the claimed range is set around 245 miles. The i4 is also believed to have a 200-watt charging capacity that could add between the 88-108 miles range in less than 10 minutes. With the level 2 (up 10 Kilowatts) built-in charger, the i4 will replenish its battery from 0 to 100% in just 8 hours.

BMW i4: Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGe

Based on the EPA, the most efficient model of the i4 is the eDrive40, equipped with a regular 18-inch wheel. It was rated with 110 MPGe for city driving and 108 MPGe for the highway.

The larger 19-inch wheels reduce these figures somewhat, while the more robust M50 model is also rated lower. If we can get an i4 to test and test, we’ll test it along our 75-mph highway as part of our comprehensive testing schedule and then determine the real-world performance.

BMW i4: Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

i4 Interior Quality

The BMW i4 has a nice cabin. It’s akin to other BMW and comes with luxurious materials and excellent quality and fit. However, some critics think its design is outdated and does not reflect the futuristic appearance you’d imagine from a high-end car.

BMW i4: Infotainment system, Bluetooth and Navigation

BMW’s iDrive 8 infotainment system is top of the line. The touchscreen and the digital gauge clusters are enormous and allow you to view different settings without being far from the roadway.

The display can be customized and set up to suit your needs. There are physical controls like the iDrive rotating dial. Cordless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are other advantages.

  1. Standard infotainment options include a 14.9-inch touchscreen and the ability to wirelessly connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay 10 speakers.
  2. satellite radio and navigation.
  3. Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi hot spot.
  4. The available infotainment system includes a stereo with 16 speakers.
  5. Harman Kardon stereo and wireless charging for your device.
    Other standard features include the 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with tri-zone automated climate control.
  6. Proximity keyless entry, and a sunroof.
  7. Other features available include A drive recorder.

BMW i4 Frunk

When I look at the car’s cutaway, I’m unhappy that BMW was not eager to package the components in a way to allow for a frunk as its competitors did. These unfunk-less EVs appear a bit sloppy regarding packaging to me.

BMW i4: Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The 2022 i4 is equipped with an array of available driver-assistance technologies, both standard and optional. For more information on the crash-test results for the Bimmer, go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. The most important safety features are:

  • Automatic forward-collision warnings and emergency brakes
  • Standard lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assistance
  • The available adaptive cruise control can be adjusted to accommodate stop-and-go technology

BMW i4: Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

BMW offers a current competitive warranty, including one of the best warranty periods for free maintenance.

  • A limited warranty lasts for a period of four years or 50,000 miles
  • The powertrain warranty is valid for up to eight-year or 100,000 miles
  • Maintenance is covered by three years of service or 36,000 miles.

BMW Models of the i4

In 2022, the BMW i4 will be an all-electric small car with a hatchback trunk. There are two variants of the model: the eDrive40 and the M50. The eDrive40 comes with one electric motor mounted at the rear, weighs 335 HP and 317 pounds of torque.

Upgrade to the M50, and you’ll receive an all-wheel drive with a dual motor powertrain. Drive, and combined motor output of 469 horsepower with 538 lb-ft. If you select Sport Boost mode, output rises to 536 horsepower and 586 lb-ft in about 10 minutes.

An EPA suggests that the eDrive40 offers a maximum of 30 miles of range with one charge, whereas the more sporty M50 offers a maximum range of 272 miles. The bigger tires available in either combination lower the estimated maximum range to 282 miles for the eDrive40 and 227 miles for the M50.

Standard equipment for the eDrive40 model comprises:

  1. 18-inch wheels
  2. LED headlights
  3. Sunroof
  4. Power liftgate
  5. Mirrors that auto-dimming
  6. The keyless ignition and entry are both accessible via the internet.
  7. Dual-zone automatic climate control
  8. Simulated leather upholstery
  9. Digital instrument cluster
  10. 14.9-inch touchscreen in the centre
  11. Apple CarPlay along with Android Auto smartphone integration (with wireless connectivity)

Every i4 is also equipped with:

  • Automatic emergency brakes (warns that a front collision is likely and applies brakes if you don’t react to the situation in time)
  • Warning for lane departure (alerts you when the vehicle starts to drift off from its lane)
  • Blind-spot monitor that includes back cross-traffic alert (warns you when a car is in your blind spot when you make a lane change, or when in reverse)

Alternatives that are available for eDrive40 include:

Premium package

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Lumbar support
  • The front seat is heated (upgradable for a heated rear seat)
  • Interior ambient lighting

Dynamic handling is a package for handling

  • 19-inch wheels that come with summer performance tires
  • Upgraded brakes that come with red or blue brake callipers
  • The adaptive suspension (adjusts to improve the rider’s comfort and control)

M Sport package

  • Variable sport steering
  • M steering wheel
  • Rear spoiler
  • Black exterior trim

Parking Assistance Package

  • Automated parking system (steers towards a parking space with minimal or no driver intervention)
  • 360-degree camera (gives you an up-to-date overview of 4 Series and its surroundings for tight parking spaces)

The Driving Assistance Professional Package

  • The adaptive cruise control (maintains the driver-set distance between 4 Series and the car in the front)
  • The system for keeping the lane (makes minor steering adjustments to keep the vehicle in a constant lane)
  • Automated steering on the highways at lower speeds
  • Front alert for cross-traffic (warns you when a vehicle from the other side is about to traverse your path)

Certain features mentioned previously mentioned can be purchased as stand-alone features. Other features that must be purchased separately are:

  • The head-up screen (displays essential information within your line of sight on the windscreen)
  • Front seats that are ventilated
  • Simulated leather-trimmed dashboard
  • Harman Kardon premium audio system
  • Wireless charging for smartphones
  • The headlights are adjustable (swivel when you turn the steering wheel to provide better illumination when you go around)

The M50 has the same features as the eDrive40 and comes with an M Sport package and adaptive suspension. The M50 is compatible with all of the options available on the eDrive40 and also comes with:

  • High-Performance Tire package
  • M Enhanced Sport brakes
  • Unique rear spoiler
  • 20-inch wheels that come with summer-performance tires

BMW i4 Interior Photos

BMW i4 Review
BMW i4 Review
BMW i4 Review
BMW i4 Seat’s View
BMW i4 Review
The controls for the driver as well as the gear shifter.
BMW i4 Review
Inside detail to seat upholstery.
BMW i4 Review
With type model displays, get a high-tech experience.
BMW i4 Review
Power Front Seats are standard and may be adjusted in many directions.
BMW i4 Review
Type model badging, reflecting their role as cutting-edge electric vehicles, is included on the sleek, elegant BMW i4 versions.
BMW i4 Review
A standard motorised hatchback opens to expose an ingeniously engineered trunk that maximises cargo capacity while preserving inside space.

BMW i4 Exterior Photos

BMW i4 Review
The BMW i4’s standard panoramic allows in more light.
BMW i4 Review
The BMW i4’s external design is a tribute to beautiful aerodynamics and the illusion of speed, even down to the redesigned look of the headlights.
BMW i4 Review
The BMW i4 is available with a variety of wheel styles in diameters up to 19 inches.
BMW i4 Review
For a classic BMW driving experience, every i4 Gran Coupe is built to enhance comfort and performance.
BMW i4 Review
The BMW i4 has a distance of up to 301 mile, which means you can go further on a single battery charge.


2022 BMW i4 M50

Vehicle Type Front- and Rear-motor All-wheel-drive, 5-passenger 4-door hatchback


Base/As Tested-  $66,895/$76,670

Options for High-Performance Package with a price of – $2500

Driver Assistance Package-  $1700

BMW Curved Display, with the head-up screen- $1,000

adaptive LED headlights – 11,000

Premium package with Harman/Kardon audio- $875

Parking Assistance package- $700

Brooklyn Gray metallic paint – $550

Personal 5G eSim – $300

Wireless charging-  $200


Rear Motor: synchronous AC, 308, 295 lb-ft hp

Combined Power: 536 hp

Combined Torque: 586 HP

Battery Pack: Liquid-cooled lithium- ion 81.5 kWh

Onboard Charger: 11.0 kW

Transmissions: direct-drives


Suspension, F/R: struts/multilink

Tires: Pirelli P Zero Elect PZ4

Brakes F/R: 14.7-invented disc/13.6-invented disc

F: 255/35R-20 97Y

R: 285/30R-20 99Y


Wheelbase: 112.4 in

Length: 188.5 in

Width: 72.9 in

Height: 57.0 in

Passenger Volume: 90 ft^3

Cargo Volume: 10 ft^3

Curb Weight: 5063 lb


60mph in 3.3 seconds: 3.3 sec

100 MPH: 8.0 sec

1/4-Mile: 11.7 sec @ 120 mph

The results above do not include the 1-foot rolling out of 0.2 seconds.

Rolling Start 5-60 mph: 3.5 seconds

Top Gear 30-50 mph, Top Gear: 1.5 seconds

Top Gear 50-70 mph: 2.0 seconds

Top Speed (gov ltd): 127 mph

Braking 70-0 mph: 150 feet

Braking 100-0 mph: 308 feet

Road holding, 300-ft Skidpad: 0.97 g


Observed: 83 MPGe


Combined/City/Highway: 80/79/80 MPGe

Range: 227 miles

The Final Call

The snappy powertrain and the fun handling are just two of the 2022 BMW i4’s most vital attributes. It’s also loaded with intuitive technological features and has an electric range that is longer than the majority of luxury electric vehicles. But this EV has a tiny trunk and a comfortable rear seat, and the steering may appear sluggish.

People Also Ask:

Is BMW i4 all wheel drive?

A four-wheel-drive electric vehicle designed with BMW M. Dual electric motors increases horsepower and speed, which gives this model an edge over competitors.

Is BMW i4 electric?

The BMW i4 is an all-new electric vehicle competing with Tesla Model 3, Model 3 and other mid-sized EV sedans when it arrives in showrooms from early to mid-2022.

Is BMW i4 available?

The i4 will be delivered in March 2022. The delivery time will depend upon when your pre-order was made and when your car has been set up to work using the BMW Centre in the fall of 2021.

How much does the BMW i4 cost?

The BMW i4 starts at $55,400 for the base model with only one electric motor. In comparison, the performance model costs $65,900. This is more expensive than the base Tesla Model 3, one of the vehicles BMW appears to be competing against.

When can I buy a BMW i4?

The i4 M50 is a new model for 2022 and is the first electric vehicle from BMW with the coveted M badge. Although it’s not the “full M car” like the M3 and M5 powered by gas, the i4 M50 has many upgrades to increase its performance capabilities.

Can BMW i4 use tesla supercharger?

Some charging stations are accessible to non-Tesla drivers; however, Tesla’s superchargers with high speed can only be utilized for Tesla vehicles. So, there aren’t adapters to permit the BMW electric vehicle to utilize the Supercharger.

Is the BMW i4 a good car?

The BMW i4 is like a 4 Series from a decade into the future. It has a similar design. However, it is powered by an all-electric engine and sports an enticingly bolder style and an upgraded interior.

It will not fade to the background since BMW has fitted the massive kidney grille found on the 4 Series Gran Coupe that the i4 is built on.

Inside, the i4 comes with an elegant finish in line with the other BMW models. It certainly appears more expensive as compared to the Tesla Model 3. The entry-level models have seats with cloth trims as standard, and leather upholstery is offered for those looking for the most luxurious experience.

In any case, it’s a solidly constructed and well-designed cabin. However, the infotainment screen is the highlight of the show. It includes a stunning curving display that combines the 12.3-inch instrument and 14.9-inch infotainment screens in one sleek package.

Comparatively, against that of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, it’s 6mm higher and 15mm further away from the road, but it’s much similar.

The taller people may have trouble fitting into the rear thanks to the sloped roofline; however, knee room is adequate. Because it’s an engine-powered vehicle, it doesn’t have a flat flooring in the footwell, making it difficult to fit three people is a challenge. But, the doors are of a decent dimension, and the room is comfortable enough.

You’ll be delighted to learn that the car is quite roomy inside the boot, thanks to the tailgate of the hatchback open to create an ample load space. The rear seats can fold down and reveal flat ground, as well.

The BMW i4 is the all-electric version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. This version of the M50 is just as quick as an M3 up to 60mph but not as enjoyable to drive. SOURCE

BMW i4 cabriolet?

The 2022 BMW 4 Series Cabriolet comes in three distinct models. Models 430i, 430i xDrive and the 430i feature the 2.0-litre BMW TwinPower Turbo inline gasoline engine with four cylinders.

BMW i4 wheel size?

Front 18-19” diameter, 7.5-8.5” width; rear 18-19” diameter, 7.5-9” width

BMW i4 adaptive cruise control?

With the Driver Assistance Professional Package, you will get full-speed adaptive cruise control and Extended Traffic Jam Aid, an advanced driver assistance feature that provides lane-keeping support for making highway travel easy.

BMW i4 charging speed?

BMW claims the i4 can recharge at least 90 miles in just 10 minutes at maximum speed. Filling the battery between 10 and 80 per cent is expected to take 31 minutes with a DC rapid charger. If you use the Level 2 charger for residential use, the i4 will recharge around 11 kW. This means that it can go from zero to% within just 8 hours.

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