2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review

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2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review

2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review
2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review

Topic: 2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review

The electric Ford F-150 Lightning will be available for purchase on May 19, at 9:30 Eastern. According to the Blue Oval, this truck will be its next electric crossover with Mustang-inspired styling. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the name of the electric SUV. It will be the beginning of Ford’s relentless pursuit to create electric vehicles that are both compelling and affordable.

It’s currently rapidly tracked to production, and a launch is planned for mid-2022. Our list of all upcoming electric pickup trucks in 2021 and beyond is available.

F-150 Lightning was previously used on F-150 pickup trucks. Those were V8-powered performance trucks. However, the F-150 Lightning moniker is now being used on the EV-version F-150. Although the new F-150 Lightning is based upon the F-150’s latest-generation F-150, it does share many body panels with the standard truck. However, that’s about the extent of the similarities.

2020 ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review


Ford has officially announced plans to produce a fully electric F-150 at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Spy shots show a Michigan test mule. The truck was essentially the same except for a plug-in area and the ride height to fit the batteries under the cab. However, these vehicles are believed to be very early prototypes. We also saw the video from the million-pound tow, which showed the Ford F-150 Electric in detail. Ford also notes that the F-150 will feature a huge frunk.

The F-150 Lightning’s design features are subtle, but they make it stand out from the rest of the range. The truck’s width is increased by the addition of LED light bars at the front and back. A modified grille and bumper design give the nose a different look. The running boards and rear bumpers also have been altered. The F-150 Lightning has the largest Frunk (Front-loading area), in its class, with more than 400 liters of dry storage.


The company released a video showing the truck towing more than one million pounds worth of train cars in July. This was the biggest hint about the future of the electric F-150. However, the company did not provide any details on the engine of its pickup was questioned about the towing claim.

As Ford confirms, we expect the truck will be AWD. It’ll also be the fastest F-150. The electric Ford truck should have a lot of power and run at almost zero RPM. Although we don’t have the exact power numbers for the electric F150, we believe they will be comparable to the Rivian R1T. Dual motors will be available on the F-150 electric truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning: Electric vehicle powertrain options

Ford F-150 Lightning is equipped with a front-mounted and rear-mounted electric motor. The SR variant produces 426hp (318 kilowatts), while the ER version generates 563hp (420 kW). Both configurations produce 1,051Nm.

Two lithium-ion battery packs are available for the F-150 Lightning. The entry-level unit can drive for 370 km, while the extended-range battery can go 483 km. Ford has not yet revealed the exact capacity of the battery unit. Still, the company claims that this is the largest battery pack they’ve ever offered in an electric production vehicle.

Ford F-150 Lightning: Charging options

Depending on the type of variant, there will be two types of AC chargers onboard. The standard range battery variants will receive a single charger of 11.3 kW, while those with extended range batteries will receive a dual charger capable of delivering up to 19.2kW. An optional 48A house charger will be available for the F-150 Lightning equipped with standard range battery packs.

This will charge the battery between 15 and 100 percent in just 10 hours. Dual chargers will be available for larger extended range models that are equipped with extended range battery packs. They can plug into an 80A charger and charge the battery from 15 to 100% in just 8 hours. It will take the F-150 Lightning 41 minutes to charge up to 15 to 80 percent using a 150kW DC public quick charger. Intelligent range software in the F-150 Lightning delivers optimal range. It uses sensors to calculate how heavy the truck is hauling and adjusts its distance to empty prediction accordingly.

Ford also developed the Intelligent Range software, which displays the remaining driving range and considers payload and towing. This allows for more precise predictions. The truck’s sensors allow the system to estimate the F-150 Lightning’s haulage and adjust its prediction accordingly. The F-150 Lightning comes with a backup power supply that can draw energy from its battery to power the home in an outage.


It is still unknown at this time. However, anything below 300 miles would be disappointing. The electric F-150 will be able to travel 300+ miles without difficulty.


This is the most important unknown. It is no secret that a pickup truck can be expensive, and the F-150 electric version will not be any exception. Although we expect the F-150 EV to start at less than $100,000, this is just an estimate. The F-150 Electric Vehicle won’t match the base price of $40,000 for the Tesla Cybertruck.


A new F-150 is available for the 2021 model year. The EV variant will likely sport its updated styling, possibly with a few tweaks. We will update the Everything We Know post when more information becomes available about the electric F-150.

2020 Ford f-150 Supercrew Cab Review – Video

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