Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

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Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

Topic: Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle
Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

As a hunter, you know that mastering your prey’s senses of sight, hearing, and scent is essential to your success in the woods. This is true even when hunting deer and turkeys that rely on their acute senses for survival. The new STEALTH 4×4 Night Hawk Electric Vehicle will keep them from spotting you this season.

Long-Range Electric Vehicles are defined as vehicles that can go a long distance on electric power. The Night Hawk UTV is one of these vehicles. The Night Hawk is the only UTV with a full-functioning dump bed that can be converted into a double rear seat, so bring along your pals.

Additionally, the vehicle’s 72-volt, 30 horsepower electric motor and 130 ft-lbs of peak torque are standout elements. If you’re out for a long day of hunting, the 12-volt deep-cycle batteries can give you a 30-mile range. Battery fuel gauges on the dash make it easy to know if you’ll have enough juice to get back to your camp or your truck.

Due to its wide temperature range (-13°F to 125°F), the Night Hawk is ideal for vehicles used year-round. A 13-amp charger/maintainer is included in the Night Hawk, a high-performance forward and reverses switching mechanism.

Not only that, but because of its triple wall aluminium structure and completely camouflaged aircraft-grade, the Night Hawk can withstand years of hunting abuse.

Be successful this season by remaining undetected. Make your way through the woods with the Stealth 4×4 Night Hawk UTV and learn to control the elements of sight, sound, and wind. Stealth here, wishing you luck in the search.

Stealth Night Hawk Electric Vehicle

Stealth 4X4 Debuts Innovative Long Range Hybrid Vehicle – THE EDGE

The EDGE, a long-range gas/electric side-by-side vehicle from Stealth Manufacturing, was unveiled today. Vehicles with 4×4 capability have been designed to go long distances over rugged off-road terrain without experiencing range anxiety.

Beginning in the first week of September 2012, the EDGE hybrid car will be available at dealerships.

Stealth has been producing electric cars for the outdoor market for the last four years. To build a vehicle that can be used as a two-in-one vehicle, Stealth engineers, R&D teams, and sourcing specialists collaborated.

In addition to the Night Hawk 4×4 range, Stealth introduces the most sophisticated gas/electric hybrid in the business.

Thanks to a dual power source and parallel drive, it has a 100-mile range and a top speed of 25mph under gas power. The EDGE’s ability to charge its batteries while running on gas is one of its most distinctive features.

As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, the All-Electric on Demand capability enables the vehicle to silently transition from a gas engine to a 48v Electric Stealth Mode.

All-wheel hydraulic brakes, a tighter turning radius, and a drawbar force of 2000 pounds are among the car’s performance characteristics. The Stealth EDGE’s cockpit is unlike any other UTV’s, with its brilliant instruments and lighting evoking images of a luxury yacht or jet.

The Edge’s hand-stitched fibre seats and an extra 4 inches of leg space make it the most comfortable vehicle in its class. Stealth’s innovative 3-in-1 convertible dump bed, which can be converted into a two-seater rear seat, is a popular option.

We are pleased about this launch and think it is genuinely game-changing for the Powersports market as well as for Stealth,” says CEO Greg Block of Stealth Manufacturing.

We’re the first to bring this product to call in a whole new sector inside the industry.” According to Stealth’s belief, consumers who are daring and enlightened are drawn to high-end items with innovative features.

You can see this in the sports gear and work items they employ. The adventurist still values quality, as seen by these outstanding UTVs.

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