Audi e tron San Francisco

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Audi e tron San Francisco

Topic: Audi e tron San Francisco

Audi e tron San Francisco
Audi e tron San Francisco

Audi e tron San Francisco

Our journey.

Audi has a clear plan for the future to decrease CO2 emissions and be carbon neutral in its entirety as a business in 2050. To achieve this, we’re getting rid of the obstacles holding us back and envision how we can bring our cars on the road, from the supply chain, through the emissions we generate at our production factories, and finally, the designs of our vehicles’ entire life-cycle.

The Destination

Our commitment to electrification is strong and broad, beginning with the aim that one-third of the brand new US model lineup will be electrified by 2025.

The Journey

Our Brussels plant has been certified as carbon neutral. We strive for all manufacturing facilities to achieve the same standard within 5 years.

The Beginning

Reduced CO2 emissions are an important first step for us. We want to reduce the carbon emissions of our company by 30 percent within six years by taking measures like an investment in electrification and manufacturing improvements.

The e-tron(r) Sportback

An electric car with Audi DNA. Because changing your lifestyle for the better can be entertaining. It’s also fast.

It’s time to connect and switch on.

Our digital reality is where performance, design, and technology are integrated into enhanced flexibility and the ability to charge DC fast in commercial chargers. We take electric cars and add Audi DNA to turn the world into an eternal electric future.

A bold plan for the future

Our commitment to electrification is strong and broad, beginning with the goal of ensuring that a third of the new Audi models will be electrified by 2025.

Fast-charging benchmark.

One of the fundamental principles that guide designing our vehicles with electric motors is the need to provide enough day-to-day capability without damaging performance. We’re developing charging technology that lets the Audi e-Tron(r) model be charged at speeds of up 150 kW using high-speed public charging stations, and future models are expected to achieve speeds up to the 270 kW mark.

  • Awe-inspiring acceleration
  • Long-range capabilities
  • Innovative e-quattro
  • All-wheel drive


Audi e-Tron(r) technology has been designed to ease your home life by providing convenient charging solutions to be better equipped for your daily commute. The vast network of fast charging will keep your car running when you travel.

Our most connected vehicles to date.

The Audi e-Tron(r) is more than just a car. It’s a sophisticated technology platform that helps keep you connected at all journey stages. It offers features that range from the Amazon Alexa(TM) connection to advanced aids for drivers.

Remote access

It is easy to monitor and manage your electronic device with the myAudi application.

Be confident and drive.

The latest driver assistance technology helps in the direction of the future of autonomous driving.

Today we have the e-Tron. Tomorrow will be the Aicon.

Our vision for electric cars is beyond the thee-Tron-powered vehicles of the present and into a future where artificial intelligence is the driving force behind new mobility technologies that create an entirely new experience of driving. It is believed that the Audi Aicon concept is bringing that vision alive by building one-Tron technology using various sensors, AI, and machine learning to create a safe vehicle with no driver’s input and provides a comfortable, well-connected environment for its passengers.

Welcome to the electric future.

The new era of electric cars has begun. From the all-electric etron SUV to the E-Tron GT concept and the PB18 car concept, an exciting new era of driving is waiting. Discover how electric becomes Audi.

Audi e-Tron SUV

The Audi e-Tron(r) provides the possibility of electric mobility while offering this kind of experience for drivers that only be found at Audi. Now available to purchase.

e-Tron Sportback

Changes the form, and even the sensation, of the electric current.

e-Tron GT concept

The classic Gran Turismo proportions and thrilling Audi Sport DNA The all-electric sportscar concept was created to fuel a new era of high-performance driving.

When will the brand-new Audi e-Tron Sportback be available?

Summer, 2020.

What can I do to recharge my Audi E-Tron while driving?

Thee-tron cars are developed to provide long-range capabilities, making long-distance trips possible with a single charge. It is expected that the Audi e-Tron will be able to use any charging station that has a Combined Charging System (CCS) Charger, such as those found in an extensive network of fast charging across the country operated by Electrify America.

How do I recharge my Audi e-Tron from home?

Audi has joined forces in partnership with Amazon to make the E-Tron home charging station installation easy as purchasing on Amazon. This includes installing a 240-volt charging station in your garage so that you can recharge your E-Tron’s battery in just 9 hours. Like the rest of Amazon Home Services, this charging system is covered by the Amazon Happiness Guarantee.

What tax benefits will be offered for the Audi E-Tron?

Anyone who buys an Audi E-Tron could be qualified to receive a federal tax credit of up to $7500. Additionally, state incentives could be available. 

How can I use those 250kWh energy credits I have to Electrify America locations? 

To use the energy credit, unlock them by registering yourself as the key User in your vehicle. Then, you must follow these steps by using the myAudi app.

  1. Log in to the myAudi application and select “Start Electrify America charger.” If the link isn’t active and you cannot connect, contact your local Audi dealer to register as the Key User of your car.
  2. On the next screen, choose “Unlock credit for charging.”
  3. The next page will prompt you to type in your mobile phone number, agree to text message notifications, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Click “Submit” to access your energy credits.

* Free charging is valid for 2 years after the initial registration.

Audi e tron San Francisco

Audi’s Massive Electric Push in San Francisco with a New E-Tron

Audi’s all-electric crossover referred to as “e-Tron,” might be confusing. A range of Audi vehicles ranges from the A1 to Q8, and S and RS models are included to make it more interesting and call the latest offering”e-Tron” when there are models like the Q7 E-Tron A3 e-Tron mix might not be the most obvious decision.

A car named solely for its technology is a break in the mold of normal cars. However, it’s the same with the electronic-Tron crossover. Audi is betting that an electric crossover is placed right in the most popular segment with its technology, safety features, interiors, and efficiency. They believe that it will be a win for the company. It’s likely to be the case.

Thee-Tron is also an important shift in the paradigm. Plug-in hybrids with plug-ins have been in the market since the beginning of time. Audi tried to introduce the full-electric R8 e-Tron with a smidge of… and mention a myriad of prototype cars, but this is the first production electric car to be lauded by Ingolstadt. There are many more coming, they claim; therefore, calling the car simply”e-Tron” could follow a precedent conceived with the purchase of the first quarter, which brought in the era of all-wheel drive.

One must ask. What does that mean for this car? The “ur E-Tron”?

The launch of such a significant car was not an easy thing to do. A variety of events were planned for the capital of technology, San Francisco, that included everything from an in-between TechPark and a portable electric charge “gas station.” The program’s main event was an elaborate unveiling known as”The Charge in the Bay area’s Craneway Pavillion.

More than 2,000 people, including media and social media influencers, dealers, and VIP guests, gathered in the Pavillion to watch the wraps removed from the brand new e-Tron. You can view the complete video of the unveiling here. Below, you’ll find hundreds of images from the event, some of them exclusively available for thee-Tron Connect.

Audi e tron Canada

Electric is gone, Audi.

The first electric SUV using Audi DNA, the e-Tron has plenty of room inside to take on daily excursions and long-range capabilities. Quattro-like all-wheel drive.

  • Up to 357KM of range
  • The battery capacity is 95kWh.
  • Cargo volume: 1,596 L with the rear seats folded.


  • Horsepower: 402 HP in boost mode
  • Torque: 490 lb-ft when in boost mode
  • From 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds when in boost mode.

Technical specifications


Type of engine- Two synchronous electric motors

Performance data

Max. output- 355 hp/402 horsepower in boost mode

Max. torque- 414 lb.-ft. / 490lbs. in boost mode


Transmission- Automatic


Front- Five-link air suspension

Rear- Five-link air suspension

Brake system

Brake system- Front and rear disc brakes with regenerative energy recovery


Steering- Electromechanical progressive steering


Luggage compartment- 660/1725 L

Performance data

Top speed- 200 km/h

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h- 5.7 seconds (in turbo mode) or 6.6 seconds

Fuel consumption

Electric Consumption- 27.0 100 km

Electric range- 357 km

Urban electric consumption- 3.0 Le/100km

Electricity consumption is more urban- 3.0 Le/100km

Electric consumption and- 3.0 Le/100km

Keep going and recharge. Electrify Canada.

The Audi e-Tron has two years of access to Electrify Canada charging network, offering unlimited, 30-minute DC rapid charging sessions. You can easily charge it up and be moving.

Audi e tron Canada

Audi e tron Canada










Audi e tron Canada

People Also Ask:

How much does the Audi e-tron cost in Canada?

There are three trim levels available, Komfort ($59,950), Progressiv ($65,350), and Technik ($68,350), the first of which is cheaper than the XC40 Recharge ($64,950) among luxury electric SUVs in Canada.

How much should I pay for an Audi e-tron?
The starting price of the comparable 2021 e-Tron is $65,900, which is a little higher than usual for the luxury electric SUV segment. See if your local Audi dealer participates in our U.S. News Best Price Program for fantastic savings. On our page of Audi offers, you can also find great manufacturer incentives.
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