Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement

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Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement

Topic: Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement

Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement
Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement

Tesla Model 3 Back Glass Replacement

The Tesla Model 3 rear window break fault exists on this particular vehicle. People who own them want to know how we dye them.
The Model 3 is a phenomenal vehicle. Tesla attempts to bring electric cars into the mainstream of American society. Tesla is at the forefront of innovation and design, which is a good thing. We believe Tesla will be the first automaker to introduce a “Jetson’s Style” flying car in the future. Hey, who would have thought electric cars would be so popular at a time when the United States is overtaking Saudi Arabia in oil?

Model 3 Rear Window Design Flaw #1 – The Problem

The Tesla Model 3 has a solid piece of glass for the roof that starts just past the front seats. The glass is ultra dark at the top, then as you get closer to the rear of the vehicle, the glass becomes transparent and has no color. While this is a fantastic design and adds to the exterior appeal of the car, an entire roof that is essentially a sunroof is also an issue. Let’s explain…

This lens is designed so that the dark area heats up at a different rate than the light area when exposed to sunlight. Glass also takes the place of a metal roof that forces a fragile material (in this case, glass) to maintain the structural integrity of the car. It’s an innovative and cutting-edge design, but it has one flaw.

Heat build up in the dark portion of the window, combined with structural stresses on the glass in the roof area, causes thermal fracture without the window tint having been applied. This is a known issue with Tesla, and they will guarantee glass failure. Again, this is WITHOUT window tint used.

Tesla Model 3 Rear Window Design Flaw #1: What Other Shops Are Doing

A handful of shops tint the entire window using a 60″ roll and shape the film to fit the whole piece of glass. Some have no problem with this method. They are in more moderate temperature climates, such as the northwest. However, many others report that the glass breaks more quickly due to the added film adding heat to an already weakened structural problem.

This is especially true in extreme heat regions in the United States, such as Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and Florida. But it also happened here in Indiana.

Tesla Model 3 rear window –

Tesla likes to be innovative in many areas; that’s the good news. The bad news is that Tesla wants to be an innovator in many areas. For example, the placement of electronic components is sensitive to moisture. With this Model 3’s interior exposed, you can see where Tesla is trying to hide the electronics. When soaked with water, they are often cut. We take precautions to avoid damage to the rear window. However, it is currently dangerous to tint the front windshield in this way.

Tesla Model 3 rear window –

The defroster wires are not correctly attached to the glass at the factory and will fall off WITHOUT DYE! We found it on the Tesla owners forum. The cables are not connected to the rear mirror, so they will remain connected and fall out randomly. Now imagine if you tinted the back window and the cables failed! We know this because we saw that the wires fell on us as soon as we cleaned the window.

Tesla Model 3: it’s not the only Tesla to have problems

We recently learned that the Model 3 isn’t the only Tesla with glass-related window tint issues. The new Model Y is also susceptible to broken glass and electronic problems.

So if you own the newer Model Y, you should consider how we tint the Model 3 as described above and be prepared for us to install window film on the Y the same way. When we have more information about the new Model Y, we will dedicate an information page to it.

Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Design Flaw #1 – CarmelTint.Com Position

The uneven heating of the sun as described above, coupled with the flex and movement of the car putting stress on the glass, creates a perfect recipe for fracture. Adding tint to the dark area increases the risk of breakage because tint applied to the opaque glass creates even more heat build up because all types of window tint absorb heat.

We have discussed this issue with many dye shop owners across the country, and the consensus is to only dye the light area through to the dark area or no dye at all. We’ve explained this in detail to the 15+ Model 3 owners we’ve worked for. All but one followed our recommendation to only stain the transparent area.

The other owner chose not to use the rear glass entirely. Until Tesla redesigns the Model 3, this will continue to be a problem. We believe in adequately informing our customers to feel good about their decision, whether they do business with another store or with us.

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Lucky Tesla owners can have an insurance-certified installer come to the address where their car is parked and have a new replacement rear window installed on their car very easily and quickly. Past insurance cases are our specialty. If you have a Tesla S with a broken windshield, we are your preferred alternative to a Tesla repair shop. You’ll save time and get the best service from start to finish when you need your Tesla S rear window replacement replaced. The Insurance Glass Claims Expert!

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FAQ about Tesla Model 3 rear window replacement

How much does it cost to replace the rear window of a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 rear window replacement cost starts from $253.13

Can I select the cheapest windshield?

Sure. You will have the opportunity to select the windshield you want after answering the questions on the website.


We offer a nationwide lifetime warranty. Let us know if anything has gone wrong, and we’ll be there to fix it right away. See our terms and conditions for more details.

The location of my auto glass replacement

Most customers book our mobile service because it saves time. We replace your car glass at your location, such as your driveway, parking lot or garage. This ensures you get back on the road quickly. By entering your address, you will also see if there is a garage near you for this replacement service.

What do you need from me for auto glass replacement?

We only need two things from you: a key (or access) to your car and a small space around the vehicle where our technician can move.

How long will it take to replace my auto glass?

On average, our technicians need an hour (or less) to complete an auto glass replacement. For more complex replacements, the technician needs more time, for example, when we have to calibrate the ADAS systems on your windshield. Please note that your vehicle must be left stationary for at least 30 minutes after replacing the windows. This “drying” period involves all replacements where there is adhesive so that it has time to bond effectively.

The technician never leaves the site until everything is working correctly. Use our online booking system to book an appointment today.

How to select the right car glass from the website?

When you start the step-by-step ordering process, you begin by indicating the type of glass, the car brand, the model and the year of manufacture. Choosing the auto glass you need is easy as you go through the form.
We will also perform parts check on your vehicle to ensure you get the correct auto glass for your car model.

People Also Ask:

How much does it cost to replace the back glass on a Tesla Model 3?

FYI: Rear window replacement cost: $1200.

How much does it cost to replace glass on Tesla?

As a Tesla owner, windshield replacement costs can be high. A Tesla Model 3 windshield replacement can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $2,000.

How much does it cost to fix Tesla window?

A Tesla Model Y windshield replacement can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $2,000. It’s possible that if the damage is minimal enough, you could choose to have your windshield repaired rather than replaced, which could lower your costs. In general, cracks more prominent than 6 inches often warrant replacement.

How much does it cost to replace a broken back windshield?

You will be surprised at a price! The average cost for a replacement is $325. Rear window replacements range from US$200 to US$450 as estimated by RepairPal, excluding taxes and labor charges.

What does Tesla model 3 warranty cover

Your vehicle is protected by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which includes the Base Vehicle Limited Warranty, the Supplemental Restraint System Limited Warranty, and the Battery and Power Unit Limited Warranty. Tesla model 3 warranty PDF

Model 3 glass roof replacement cost

The Tesla Solar Roof, designed by Tesla, offers a sustainable, energy-efficient alternative to modern roofs. The roof has solar glass tiles and an integrated Powerwall battery to store the energy generated. Although pricey (a two-story, 2,000 square foot, 11.28 kW solar rooftop costs just over $55,300 before incentives, assuming you’re replacing the original rooftop), the rooftop is meant to save long-term money by reducing or eliminating the homeowner’s electricity.

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