Tesla Autopilot with Convenience Features

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Tesla Autopilot with Convenience Features

Tesla Autopilot with Convenience Features
Tesla Autopilot with Convenience Features

Topic: Tesla Autopilot with Convenience Features

A demonstration by Consumer Reports magazine proves that the Tesla Autopilot can be operated without anyone in the driver’s seat. In addition to being illegal and dangerous, manipulation thwarts the protections put in place by the manufacturer. But Tesla could block it.

The crash of a Tesla that killed two Texans on April 18, 2021, kicked off a new round of discussions and scuffles over the safety of Tesla vehicles and Autopilot, the assisted driving feature available on Model X, S, Y, and 3. At this point, however, it is not established that the two deceased men used the Autopilot – Elon Musk even claims the opposite, arguing that the car involved had not purchased the option. On the other hand, we can be sure that if the investigation establishes that neither of the passengers was in the driver’s seat, the two Texans seriously endangered their lives on their own and beyond all good, which means bypassing Tesla’s many safety measures, manufacturer guidelines and laws.

But in this sequence, a question arose: can you really use Autopilot without anyone behind the wheel? According to our numerous tests of equipped Tesla vehicles and the safety measures that we have observed, this seems impossible to us under normal conditions of use. And yet, there is indeed a manipulation that allows these securities to be thwarted.


The one that also considers Tesla as a safety model says that the operation is “very easy”. It breaks down into several stages:

  • A driver activates the Autopilot, seat belt fastened, hands on the wheel, well seated in the seat and on a road where the bands are well displayed. All the safety conditions are present: the Autopilot is activated.
  • By using the control switch to manage the cruise control speed, the driver changes it to 0. This option does not deactivate Autopilot: it allows you to stop and then let the car leave with the aids activated.
  • When stationary, the driver will then attach a weight to the left of the steering wheel, which will simulate resistance: this is what the Tesla detect to ensure that the hands are on the steering wheel.
  • Without unfastening the belt, the driver will then extract himself from his seat and move onto the passenger seat. The seat weight sensor then no longer plays its controlling role and will not deactivate Autopilot.
  • All you have to do is use the cruise control speed switch to increase the speed again: the car sets off again, in Autopilot.

Consumer Reports’ test car, launched on a private circuit suitable for this kind of testing, drove the entire circuit several times before the tester decided to stop it by hand. “Let’s be clear,” he says, “anyone who uses this technique on the road is in danger, him and the others.  And yet, Consumer Reports can’t help but think that even this complex scenario could be easily prevented by Tesla, who, too often to the magazine’s taste,” takes its customers for engineers  .”


There are several methods that could prevent the less careful drivers from playing with fire. The first would involve permanent use of the seat weight sensor. It is able to signal to the car that an occupied seat does not have a seat belt on, so it must be able to signal that a person is leaving the seat. Tesla also uses it to detect which airbags to trigger in the event of an accident, according to Consumer Reports.

Another method, which is used by many manufacturers who are also experimenting with highly assisted driving, is through a small camera that looks at the interior. It can detect a driver, their face, and even their eyes. At General Motors, for example, a car in SuperCruise, the equivalent of the Autopilot, will see if the driver is looking at the road and is not distracted. If it detects inappropriate behavior, it will disengage its assisted driving and slow down to a safe stop. Some Tesla (Model 3 and Model Y) already have an interior camera, but it is not used in real-time.

Tesla could therefore choose to learn from this event to further improve the safeguards surrounding access to its Autopilot. It is one thing to have undeniably safer vehicles with this technology activated under expected conditions; it is quite another to protect the most unconscious customers with all possible measures. In this case, even if it is discovered that the two deceased Texans did not use the Autopilot, Tesla would do well to take a head start to prevent this kind of self-destructive behavior.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between Tesla autopilot and enhanced autopilot?

Prices and available features have also been adjusted. The upgraded autopilot offered adaptive cruise control, autopilot, summon, autopark, and autopilot navigation for a price of $ 6,000). The new autopilot option only includes adaptive cruise control and autopilot, and is priced at $ 3,000 for the Model Y.

What is included in Tesla autopilot?

All new Tesla cars come standard with autopilot as of April 2019, which includes autopilot and traffic-sensitive cruise control. You can purchase the autopilot or full autonomous driving capability at any time through your Tesla account, and the required autopilot software will be added to your car.

How do I know if my Tesla has enhanced autopilot?

The first step a consumer can take on a Model S or Model X would be to check the vehicle’s “Additional Vehicle Information” screen to find out which version of the autopilot hardware the Tesla is equipped with. (All Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced to date include hardware with the latest autopilot functionality.)

Is Tesla full self driving capability worth it?

The Full Self Driving package paid off for me personally, but everyone’s situation is different, so they will have to make that decision for themselves when it comes time to buy their Teslas.

Does Tesla autopilot stop at red lights?

The big news from Tesla: Autopilot now stops cars at red lights and stop signs. As Electrek reports, the new autopilot functionality means that an autopilot-equipped Teslas will now be able to handle intersections.

Can you sleep with Tesla autopilot?

The short and simple answer to whether you can sleep while you have your Tesla on autopilot is no. While some drivers have videos showing that it is technically possible to sleep while driving a Tesla, the law clearly states that you must be awake while driving.

What does enhanced autopilot include?

Enhanced Autopilot includes Autopilot Navigation, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park and Summon. The autonomous driving capability suite includes the same four elements, as well as traffic light and stop sign control. Tesla will also soon add Autosteer to city streets to the package.

Will Tesla bring back enhanced autopilot?

Tesla has reintroduced the improved Autopilot packaged in Europe and China with some features that were in the more expensive Full Self-Driving package. At times, Tesla recalled the “Enhanced Autopilot” package to offer more options to customers.

Can Tesla autopilot make turns?

To initiate an automatic lane change, you must enable automatic lane changes through the Autopilot Controls menu on the Settings tab. Then when the car is in Autosteer, the driver must turn on the turn signal.

How do I know if I have enhanced autopilot?

The only way to confirm which version of Autopilot a car is equipped with is through the updates screen in your Tesla app. There is also a section for the audio system, which can have several different permutations depending on the car.

Can a Tesla drive itself without a driver?

Tesla’s autopilot system can be used “easily” to drive the automaker’s vehicles with no one behind the wheel, Consumer Reports said in a new demonstration. Local officials said it appeared that no one was in charge.

Is summon included in autopilot?

Automatic lane change, automatic parking and vehicle calling are included, along with beta versions of Navigate on Autopilot and Traffic Sign Control and Stop. And, yes, the summon function does exactly that: it calls your vehicle towards you, like a cat without the, uh, cat.

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