2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car Review India

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2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car Review India

Launching Soon In 2024!!

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car Review

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Introduction

Unveiling the 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA: A Refined Electric Journey

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA arrives, breathing new life into the brand’s compact electric SUV segment. This revamped model boasts captivating upgrades, offering a blend of luxury, efficiency, and technological advancements.

Exterior enhancements begin with a reimagined grille, featuring the signature Mercedes star pattern and a luminous light bar that seamlessly merges with the headlights. The rear receives an intricate 3D light signature, aligning the EQA with its larger EQ family.

Step inside to a refined interior, echoing the upgrades seen in the EQB. A fresh three-spoke steering wheel with touch-responsive controls complements the updated trim pieces and door panels, now featuring illuminated Mercedes logos. The focal point, however, is the expanded infotainment system, featuring dual 10.25-inch screens powered by the latest MBUX system.

Performance takes center stage with a significant boost in driving range. Through aerodynamic improvements, optimized tires, and a new range maximization mode, the EQA now boasts a WLTP-rated range of up to 348 miles in the EQA 250+ model. Charging convenience is enhanced with the introduction of the Plug & Charge function, enabling automatic charging initiation upon cable connection.

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA stands poised to deliver a luxurious and efficient electric driving experience, cementing its place as a compelling option in the evolving EV landscape.

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: What’s New


  • New illuminated grille with Mercedes star pattern
  • Light bar connecting headlights
  • Optimized front bumper for improved aerodynamics
  • Refreshed taillights with 3D design


  • New three-spoke steering wheel with touch controls
  • Updated trim pieces and door panels with illuminated logos
  • Upgraded infotainment system with dual 10.25-inch screens and latest MBUX

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Engine & Performance

As the Mercedes-Benz EQA is an all-electric vehicle, it doesn’t have a traditional engine in the conventional sense. Instead, it boasts a single electric motor powered by a 66.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

This setup generates a healthy 190 horsepower (140 kW) and 284 lb-ft (385 Nm) of torque, allowing for a 0-60 mph time of around 8.5 seconds, which is respectable for a compact SUV.

The most noteworthy upgrade for the 2024 EQA in India is the increased driving range. With optimized aerodynamics, efficient tires, and a new range-maximization mode, the EQA now offers an estimated range of up to 426 kilometers (265 miles) on a single charge.

This is a significant improvement over the previously expected range and should make the EQA a more compelling option for Indian customers concerned about range anxiety.


  • Increased range (up to 348 miles WLTP for EQA 250+)
  • New range maximization mode for extended range
  • Plug & Charge function for easier charging

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Pros & Cons


  • Luxury brand appeal: Owning a Mercedes-Benz signifies status and prestige.
  • Improved driving range: Up to 426 km (265 miles) on a single charge addresses range anxiety concerns.
  • Refined interior: Upgraded infotainment system, new steering wheel, and illuminated logos enhance the driving experience.
  • Environmentally friendly: Zero tailpipe emissions contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Potential tax benefits: Depending on government incentives, electric vehicles might benefit from lower taxes or registration fees.


  • High upfront cost: The initial purchase price will be significantly higher compared to similar gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • Limited charging infrastructure: Public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India is still developing, potentially causing inconvenience.
  • Longer charging times: While improving, charging an electric vehicle can still take significantly longer than refueling a gasoline car.
  • Limited cargo space: Compared to some gasoline-powered SUVs, the EQA might offer less cargo space due to the placement of the battery pack.
  • Maintenance costs: While electric vehicles generally require less maintenance, specific parts and repairs for luxury brands might be more expensive.

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Specification

Engine TypeElectric Motor
Battery Capacity66.5 kWh Lithium-Ion
Power190 HP (140 kW)
Torque284 lb-ft (385 Nm)
0-60 mph (0-100 km/h)Approx. 8.5 seconds
Driving Range (WLTP)Up to 426 km (265 miles)
Seating Capacity5
Length4,463 mm (175.7 in)
Width1,834 mm (72.2 in)
Height1,613 mm (63.5 in)
Curb WeightApprox. 2,045 kg (4,509 lbs)
Cargo SpaceTo be confirmed
Infotainment SystemMBUX with dual 10.25-inch screens
WarrantyTo be confirmed

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA price list (Variants)

VariantEx-Showroom Price

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Colours

Mercedes-Benz EQA is available in 1 colour – 


2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Conclusion

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA arrives in India, aiming to redefine the luxury electric SUV segment.

This refined iteration boasts a luxurious interior, boasting upgraded technology and an extended driving range of up to 426 kilometers, addressing a major concern for potential buyers.

While the high initial cost and limited charging infrastructure remain challenges, the EQA emerges as a compelling option for environmentally conscious individuals seeking a premium electric driving experience.

However, it’s crucial to consider the trade-offs like limited cargo space and potentially higher maintenance costs associated with luxury brands before making a decision.

Ultimately, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA caters to a specific segment of the Indian market, offering a blend of luxury, efficiency, and technological advancements for those seeking an exceptional electric driving experience.

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car: Images

2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car White
2024 Mercedes Benz EQA EV Car White

People Also Ask:

Is there a new EQA coming out?

Orders for the new Mercedes EQA and EQB will be accepted early in 2024, and the first delivery is anticipated before the spring.

What is the range of the Mercedes EQA 2024?

Despite this, the EQA maximum range EQA’s maximum range has increased from 311 miles to 344 miles, with the battery size staying the same at 66.5kWh and 70.5kWh. When it comes to charging, the two batteries may be fully charged in 100kW of time.

What is the price of Mercedes EQA in India?

The Mercedes-Benz EQA new, priced at Rs. 60.00 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), is the mid-range model in the EQA portfolio.

Mercedes benz eqa 2024 release date

On 2024, the Mercedes-Benz EQA is anticipated to go on sale, bringing something fresh to the 66.5 kWh market.

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